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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

How to make the choice for open Assembly seat

Just read the letter penned by Dr. Tom Waters on his choice to fill the seat left by the deceased victor, Dennis Hof. Granted, Waters is entitled to his choice, and I am sure Mr. Patrick Nary is a good man, conservative in his thinking, and obviously community-minded in his dealings with the school programs. But Dr. Waters does not speak for the Nye County Republican Party.

We were given a constitutional republic by our forefathers. This means we elect persons to represent “the people” in government offices, and institutions of government. As such, it seems more consistent with our history of representation for the county commission to choose the person who the constituents wish to have placed in that office, not someone who a Democrat wants.

Enter the Nye County Republican Central Committee (NCRCC). They have voiced their choice of a person to occupy the seat won by Dennis Hof. Their choice has also been given support by the Nevada Republican State Central Committee, as well as an endorsement by the rural caucus of that state central committee.

My point? Should the commissioners of District 36 choose whom they wish, or should they choose based upon the choice of the people they were elected to represent? If they fail to do the latter, have they become tyrants instead of representatives of “the people?”

Dr. K.E.Searles,

Member of NCRCC

Reader answers letter objecting to marijuana smell at location

Ms. Jorgensen asks, “Has anyone else smelled the plants growing at the corner of Homestead/Thousandaire and Vicki Ann/Manse and further down Homestead?”

First of all, the location is Hafen Ranch/Thousandaire where the only plants to smell are in the desert as there is not one seed of marijuana planted at the facility mentioned. Anyone can pull into the parking lot of K-7 Bed and Breakfast and look inside the building to see the absence of manufacturing equipment, so maybe it’s just the construction she’s smelling.

The next location Ms. Jorgensen mentioned is Vicki Ann/Manse. There is a hemp farm at that location. Although both marijuana and hemp come from the cannabis family, you cannot get “high” off hemp. The Ministry of Hemp states, “Your lungs will fail before your brain attains any high from smoking industrial hemp,” which is used primarily to make rope. Furthermore, the aroma of marijuana comes from its flowering buds of which hemp has none.

With several businesses around town, I have heard of no complaints by residents in those areas regarding any smell.

I get that Ms. Jorgensen is against the business, however, it has already been zoned to grow pot so soon pot will grow there, just not yet. Against her desires, the zoning change was approved and products such as edible merchandise will be prepared there also. It seems that Ms. Jorgensen should educate herself on the matters before she complains.

Marianne Gray

New Pahrump resident suggests highway cleanup

I moved here six months ago from Henderson and love Pahrump. It’s kind of like where I was born in Missouri only smaller, which I like. By the way I’m 76 years old and have a big financial stake in this town. It’s laid back, cops are nice, and so are most of the people. I love it when parrots fly over my house now and then. Although some things are hard to get, like good clothes or shoes.

I notice if you look at a person’s shoes here you can tell where he bought them and you know if they are a local or not. I live on the north end of town and this is where I will die. I love the wildlife and especially the burros that come in the yard. The only thing I don’t like is this:

When I leave home and go to town, which is almost seven miles, all I see along the highway is trash, mostly water bottles. I’ve seen it cleaned up now and then but not totally. The next day after cleanup there are almost as many bottles as the day before. This is what I personally have seen. People throwing bottles out the windows, semi-trucks throwing milk jugs out full of piss, pickups with Styrofoam, boxes, cardboard, tons of plastic, wood, sheetrock, and trash blowing out of the bed of pickups. The drivers know this is happening and don’t care. I’ve even seen beds, furniture, tires along the road. Bags left alongside the highway by motor homes, broken glass everywhere and to think they worry about plastic straws.

What’s the answer to stopping this? How about getting some of the prisoners off their cots out there to clean up like other states? How about a stiff fine like $1,000 or 16 hours of community service whether you’re a tourist or not? How about the cops patrolling Highway 160 instead of sitting at Smith’s waiting for speeders? How about a deposit on all bottles? The deposit alone will stop the water bottles, plus people will probably buy less water. How about more suggestions?

How about fixing the problem? So what is our motto going to be? Dirtiest little town in Nevada or a town who cares? The thing is, the highway I’m talking about is 60 that runs through Pahrump and the part that runs through Pahrump is the trashiest part in the city limits. The town itself could stand to do some cleanup also.

That’s my grip and God bless America and Pahrump.

Larry (Link) Massing

P.S. I would appreciate an answer, governor and from the city council of Pahrump. Print it Valley Times.

Mind control by money and power in politics

Professor Epstein in his writing on Nov. 21, 2018 has expressed anger toward wealthy Democrats who have not, in his opinion, done enough to raise Social Security income for millions who are just getting by on $1,200 or even less per month. This is a social injustice which should be changed. Before we can change it we have to take back the Senate and the White House. However, we face some serious challenges in this endeavor.

Three of the most powerful obstacles facing us are unlimited money in politics, the Koch brothers, and Fox News. These three factors are interwoven to influence the thinking of millions of Americans. Several years ago a political observer reported that there was a TV at every truck stop featuring Fox News. We know that Fox news lies and that repeated lies will be believed by many. This has been clearly illustrated by the Swift Boat lie, featured by Fox News about former Senator John Kerry, a highly-decorated Navy veteran. In addition to lies by Fox News is the one billion donated to Republicans from the Koch brothers every presidential election for poisoning our air and water. Amusing if it weren’t so sad that Republicans who admit that they are not scientists, deny that global warming is caused by humans. Finally there is unlimited money in politics from the Supreme Court decision that money is free speech and there is no limit to it in politics.

I am not saying that all the Democrats are saints. Some, like Bill Clinton, have lied about things unrelated to government. Also, we have some billionaires. However, our billionaires are more concerned about decency to our citizens than the Republican billionaires who seem to want to destroy our environment to stuff their pockets. They hire Republican henchmen and Fox news to create false propaganda to program minds of Fox viewers.

It seems to me that our answer is to get better organized. The Republicans are well organized at the local state and federal levels. On any given day someone sends out the topic for discussion on talk shows and all the Republican hosts, like a choir of parrots, sing the same tune to their audiences, who are only too eager to absorb it.

In addition to becoming better organized, we need to blast the Republican lies with the truth. If we tell the truth frequently enough we will get some Republicans to believe it and program their minds with truth instead of false propaganda from Fox News. When enough people vote truth instead of lies we will likely get back the White house and Senate.

Jim Ferrell

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