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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Local church wants help aiding the homeless

Merry Christmas from the River of Life Christian Fellowship. We here at the River of Life church have a very small fellowship of about 25 people, and have been supplying the homeless here in Pahrump with food, clothing, and other needed accessories.

We try and help them get through some of the coldest and wettest times we have in Pahrump.

We have been doing this for about two years now, with two of our people who have a ministry to do just that, help the homeless.

This Christmas letter is to ask if anyone could help. We have given them sleeping bags, warm clothes, a tent, and many boxes of food, but they still need more.

We are asking if you have anything that is warm, for both men and women, or an extra blanket, or gloves, or hats, or umbrellas, or food to please call 751-4736 or come by at 4401 E. Navajo Blvd., to drop off anything you think might help someone in need.

We are not asking for money. Only a Christmas lifesaving gift.

We all here believe that if not for the grace and love of God that these people could be us. If you read this and respond we want to say thank you in advance and wish you all a very warm and merry Christmas.

Pastor John Devito

Mind control by money and power in politics

Professor Epstein in his writing on Nov. 21, 2018 has expressed anger toward wealthy Democrats who have not, in his opinion, done enough to raise Social Security income for millions who are just getting by on $1,200 or even less per month. This is a social injustice which should be changed. Before we can change it we have to take back the Senate and the White House. However, we face some serious challenges in this endeavor.

Three of the most powerful obstacles facing us are unlimited money in politics, the Koch brothers, and Fox News. These three factors are interwoven to influence the thinking of millions of Americans. Several years ago a political observer reported that there was a TV at every truck stop featuring Fox News. We know that Fox news lies and that repeated lies will be believed by many.

This has been clearly illustrated by the Swift Boat lie, featured by Fox News about former Senator John Kerry, a highly-decorated Navy veteran. In addition to lies by Fox News is the one billion donated to Republicans from the Koch brothers every presidential election for poisoning our air and water.

Amusing if it weren’t so sad that Republicans who admit that they are not scientists, deny that global warming is caused by humans. Finally there is unlimited money in politics from the Supreme Court decision that money is free speech and there is no limit to it in politics.

I am not saying that all the Democrats are saints. Some, like Bill Clinton, have lied about things unrelated to government. Also, we have some billionaires. However, our billionaires are more concerned about decency to our citizens than the Republican billionaires who seem to want to destroy our environment to stuff their pockets.

They hire Republican henchmen and Fox news to create false propaganda to program minds of Fox viewers.

It seems to me that our answer is to get better organized. The Republicans are well organized at the local state and federal levels. On any given day someone sends out the topic for discussion on talk shows and all the Republican hosts, like a choir of parrots, sing the same tune to their audiences, who are only too eager to absorb it.

In addition to becoming better organized, we need to blast the Republican lies with the truth.

If we tell the truth frequently enough we will get some Republicans to believe it and program their minds with truth instead of false propaganda from Fox News. When enough people vote truth instead of lies we will likely get back the White house and Senate.

Jim Ferrell

Thank you to community and supporters

The Board of Directors of Pioneer Territory CASA, Inc. would like to thank the community of Pahrump for the generosity we received on behalf of the children we serve surrounding our 2018 2nd Annual Telethon that was held Nov.1, at KPVM TV. As many of you are aware, I am new to the executive director position and I was totally overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of not only our community, but from generous people from around the state. Our goal was to try and exceed last year’s pledges of a little over $10,000 and I am pleased to announce we exceeded that by over $5,000!

I would like to thank Vern and Ronda Van Winkle and the entire KPVM family for making this event successful. Also, thanks goes out to Lee McKenna at 101 Technologies, Inc. for donating business phones, service and long distance for our volunteers to be able to make and receive the calls for donations.

Another big thank you for our major donors: Thank you Mr. Henry Wu of American First National Bank for your generous annual pledge; it is greatly appreciated! Thank you to Norma Jean Opatik for her generous gift and her challenge to other realtors! Thanks to Dennis Leaks, OD for his generous gift and his challenge to other doctors; and to Sherry Cipollini of Reflections Healthcare for her generous donation and meeting his challenge. Thank you to Valley Electric Association for their generous gift and their continued support. And thank you to Julie Floyd at Floyd’s Construction for your generous support as well! A big thank you to ALL for helping to support our local program.

Thank you to all of our guest speakers on air who took their time to advocate on our behalf. A few of those were Judge Lane of the Fifth Judicial Court, Kristi Shafer of Division of Child and Family Services, Stacy Smith from NyE County Coalition, Salli Kerr from Nevada Outreach Training Association and our Executive State Director for Nevada CASA Association, Jane Jensen Saint.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) is a national program that recruits, trains and supervises volunteer advocates for children in foster care. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please call us at 775-505-2272 (CASA).

Again, thank you for your generosity and support!


Kathie McKenna,Executive Director

Pioneer Territory CASA, Inc.

A broken America is not good for anyone

The picture of thousands of invaders trying to forcefully get into America is frightful. Especially to those living along the border with Mexico. For years, many have had their homes invaded, by much smaller groups than the present-day caravans.

Caravan of immigrants invading America is a new type of threat to this country.

The Liberals’ idea of an open-border policy is a sign of insanity. Especially now that Mexico has, as of Dec. 1, a new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. He has been quoted as saying during his campaign, “that immigrants must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.” Now some in the neighboring countries may be taking his advice.

And he was also quoted as saying …. “And soon, very soon … after the victory of our movement … we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world.”

Hopefully, that was just campaign bravado. We will soon find out!

Too bad our gutless Republican legislators, and their fellow Democrat/Abomination Party legislators, didn’t give the president enough money to build the wall.

The wall should be fifty feet thick and one hundred feet high, of reinforced concrete, down the center of the Rio Grande River, from the Gulf of Mexico to El Paso, TX, and from there on the border line, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. If it can be done, America can do it!

A broken America cannot take on the rest of the world.

Manuel Ybarra, Jr.

Coalgate, OK

Your Hof votes stolen by Nye County commissioners

Dennis Hof stood for less government, less taxes (Republican.)

Nye County commissioners voted to send Greg Hafen to Carson City in his stead. Greg’s resume reads right out of a Democrat playbook. He proudly claims he is the chair of one regulatory agency after another (more government). He said he WILL raise taxes (Congratulations commissioners!) The seat you replaced is pure Democrat (I don’t care what his voter registration card says).

Good job commissioners! You just replaced the original James Oscarson seat with a James Oscarson on steroids! To quote one campaign slogan: “I will work for you!” Riiiiiiiight! You missed the REAL REPUBLICAN WITH NO BAGGAGE-JOE BURDZINSKI.

Debby Dwelle

Commission meeting turned into personal attack

I was one of the community members that attended the special meeting to nominate Nye County’s pick to fill the Assembly District 36 seat left vacant by the death of Mr. Dennis Hof.

The meeting soon turned into a sometimes personal attack on Greg Hafen II. Rather than highlight what Mr. Burdzinski was going to do for the district, and for Nye County, in many cases it just was a relentless parade of people, many of whom admitted they did not know Mr. Hafen, saying he was not qualified to even be considered. Everyone should speak out in support of the candidate they want, but not at the expense of questioning the character of another.

I am sure that when Mr. Hof received the Republican nomination for the Assembly seat, he did not sit down and say, “If I die, here is the person I want to take my seat.” Many of the people who spoke professed to be Republicans, but in the end, they acted like Democrats, with statements like, “You stole my vote,” “You are all corrupt,” “I am going to seek a recall.” This is what a Democrat would do. A true Republican would accept that his/her person did not win, but for the sake of the party and the ideology of Republicans support the nominee, and if he does not fulfill his promises, vote him out during the next election.

Ken Neitz

Reader stays inside to combat neighborhood pot smell

In regards to the smells that emanate from the legal growth of marijuana or hemp, Marianne Gray is more misinformed than the writer, Ms. Jorgensen, she rebuts.

To answer the initial questions asked by Ms. Jorgensen, “Has anyone else smelled the plants growing at the corner of Homestead/Thousandaire and Vicki Ann/Manse and further down Homestead?” I can emphatically answer, YES! to the latter.

I live at the corner of Vicki Ann and Silver Street and on some days, the smell is absolutely horrendous. It causes coughing fits and eyes to water. It is especially hard on my two kittens, so much that we all just stay inside until the stench passes. So much for Ms. Gray’s “flowering bud” theory.

So, Ms. Gray, please record your very first complaint about the wretched smells wafting from your beloved drug farms.

David Perlman

Parents need to take time to educate themselves

We often see that many professionals spend daily or weekly time to improve themselves in their profession, reading specialized magazines or books about their work.

Parents can neglect their professional task of educating their children too, which has a great importance because it exists to educate people.

If we want to be good parents, it is essential to love our children. Of course this happens, but we must want that they are better, that they develop as individuals. As well as the improvement of the children never ends, the help of parents is forever. Even when the children are older and independent, they tend to ask advice of the parents and they are more receptive than in previous years.

It is not easy to be good parents for several reasons: because children are different from each other, and also change depending on the ages; because they are free and can reject the good that parents propose to them, since it costs to harmonize the authority of parents with the freedom and autonomy of children; because the influence of the world is opposed to the type of education that parents give and clash with the standards of the family.

Parents need to have three important supports to overcome these difficulties: the common sense, the experience of being parents and the grace of state (Christian parents have it). But moreover, parents need additional support to practice their parenting profession: the family guidance courses, schools of parents that are organized in most of the colleges and institutes. Currently there can be found on the Internet a lot of articles on family education.

In order to improve the parenting profession, it is necessary to spend time for education and family. With some frequency it is not achieved because the professional work becomes an addiction, devoting much time to this aspect of the life and seriously neglecting other aspects, such as the dedication to the family and their own education.

A part of the time of self-education can be found in the free time. It is about time to stop doing unnecessary occupations, as for example, the television.

Arturo Ramo

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