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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Democrats want illegal immigrant votes

The real and major reason why so many of my fellow Democrats (at the national level) seem to care so much about the plight of “illegal immigrants” is because they want to get their votes one day. This is all about VOTES. Once over 50 percent of the USA population becomes “non-white,” the Democrats know that they will win every presidential election and always be in control of both houses of Congress.

I would love to see that day, but I don’t like how they are using these innocent people who are seeking a better life and how they are hood-winking and playing the American people. On the other hand, the Republicans don’t want to let them in because they know that this day is coming, and they want to prevent it from happening because they are afraid of it.

It saddens me to say that most of these national Democrats really don’t care at all about these people as human beings, just as they also don’t care at all about the rest of us, especially if we are poor, near-poor, lower-middle-class, or middle-class.

There are a few exceptions to this.


Stewart B. Epstein

Rochester, New York

We have solution to economy, environment issue

Our environment is precious and vital to the health and welfare of our communities and our species. There is a misconception that good stewardship of our resources is contrary to having a thriving and healthy economy.

Our years’ long drought is made worse by the effects of the damage to our climate from the burning of fossil fuels. The argument for not doing anything to curb greenhouse gas emissions has been that it will hurt the economy. This is not true. There is much we can do that not only will save our communities and our habitat but that will grow our economy.

In fact, there’s a bipartisan carbon pricing bill in Congress that has just been introduced by Representatives Congressman Ted Deutch, D-Fla.; Congressman Francis Rooney, R-Fla.; Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick R-PA; Congressman Charlie Crist D-Fla.; and Congressman John K. Delaney D-MD. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act – H.R.7173, is a big, effective climate solution – good for people and the economy.

This bill puts a price on carbon pollution and returns the revenue to people on a monthly basis. Visit energyinnovationact.org for more details about how it works. It’s an effective, broad solution that will reduce America’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 percent in the first 12 years without growing government or hurting the American people. Not only will this get our CO2 levels down to non-harming levels, it will quickly create 2.1 million additional jobs in the first 10 years!

We have the solutions to our environmental and economic problems in our hands right now. Let’s build a sustainable future for our communities and our planet!

Montana Black

Race team thanks local businesses for assistance

A quick shout-out to a couple of local businesses who were instrumental in turning our race truck around preparing for the Laughlin McKenzie’s Rage at the River race after the Pahrump/Nugget 250.

These businesses went the extra mile helping us and deserve the support of the Pahrump community. The staff and owners were unbelievably great, going the extra mile to help virtual strangers. We will continue to patronize them in the future.

• Kustom Colors:


Darin and his crew did an outstanding job repairing the body damage by expediting a quick turnaround.

Great job guys, thanks.

• Patterson Fabrication:


Expedited the location and cutting of some specialized materials necessary for the repair of suspension parts. Kevin knew exactly what we needed and provided expert advice for the repair.

Thank you so much.

• Battle Born Engineering:

(Robbie Woods racing) http://www.battlebornengineering.co/

Robbie and his staff expedited a critical repair on a suspension assembly. The craftsmanship and expertise were topnotch. A real pleasure doing business with fellow racers. Thanks Robbie.

Ross Racing, Truck #7252

Eugene Humbert

Reader responds to recent letter to editor

I would like to respond to Jim Ferrell and his warped thinking that Democrats are saints. As far as Fox News is concerned he is wrong there as well. CNN, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, CBS, ABC have brainwashed viewers by telling untruths about Trump and Democrats are starting to censor free speech, free thought by way of Twitter and Facebook.

Democrats want to raid Medicare and Medicaid with Medicare for all. Democrats want to give free medical coverage to everyone. What about the millions of folks who have already paid for this coverage? Are the Democrats going to write refund checks to all that have contributed every paycheck for the coverage?

America cannot stand as a country if we sell our natural resources to Russia like the Obama administration did with Uranium 1. Now Russia owns 20 percent of our natural resource. I think Mueller needs to look at the Democrats colluding with Russia to try and win the presidency. The Democrats yell fascist Nazis, racism, bigots etc. to anyone who voted for Trump. Democrats are the modern-day version of the KKK, the Third Reich, Mao, and Stalin.

Democrats take to the streets and beat on innocent people and they don’t care, hurt as many as they can, hoping to find one so they can say see I knew they were Nazis and that is what Nazi Germany was all about, silence the strong, eliminate their weapons and make them walk the same way, make them talk the same way, make them think the same way.

America needs to wake up and realize that Democrats want to destroy everything you have worked for, they want to turn our country into a third world nation, they want to take your job away, take your money away and make you survive on government handouts. They want us to live like Venezuela.

Believe the Democrats, remember they said they did not want to impeach the president and now that is all they talk about doing. They have introduced legislation to start impeachment.

Too bad that won’t happen. All that will happen is millions of dollars wasted instead of using that money to feed, clothe, and shelter the hungry American children that Democrats have pushed aside in favor of illegal immigrant children.

Tyler Weiss

Pahrump resident curious about firework laws

I was wondering if you have an investigative reporter on staff that would be interested in looking into the sheriff’s position on fireworks before the Fourth of July.

I’m curious because there seems to be a large public safety campaign regarding the fact that they are dangerous and illegal, but at least in my case, they are pointedly refusing to respond to people setting them off. They wouldn’t even come out to do a report after the fact so I could make a damage claim from the debris in my yard. No one was hurt this time, but I don’t understand why they would wait for serious damage before they respond (imagining for a second that they would, in fact, respond to fire or injury).

I live near the propane factory and have new neighbors who spent two and a half hours detonating 500-gram fireworks over our mutual homes and in close range to the propane factory, even though the public sites were (I believe) closed due to high winds and dangerous conditions. If the debris can land in my yard, then the propane factory is also within range.

I reported them to the sheriff, but received no reply on that night. I proceeded to email both the general inbox and officer Boruchowitz directly, and even though he has responded to emails from me in the past, he has completely ignored my multiple requests for help and/or information about what (if anything) can be done.

It seems very unusual to me, especially considering Sheriff Wehrly’s strategic plan to improve law enforcement and the public’s perception of law enforcement. It seems like the primary repeated complaint from NCSO is the lack of help and community support, but then when civilians do try to get or provide help, they (at least in my case) completely ignore it. Although based on a lot of the comments from Facebook sites, it seems like a pervasive issue.

Another complaint I hear from NCSO involves the lack of funds. They will spend entire days and weeks enforcing speeders, giving out small tickets, but they could easily rake in thousands of dollars a night if they enforced the firework laws.

I’d like to understand what their public stance is on the issue so that I know how to deal with my neighbors on the Fourth, if they continue to engage in firework celebrations for all the holidays.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on the matter!

Lora Danielle

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