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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Reader responds to recent letter to editor

I would like to respond to Jim Ferrell and his warped thinking that Democrats are saints. As far as Fox News is concerned he is wrong there as well. CNN, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, CBS, ABC have brainwashed viewers by telling untruths about Trump and Democrats are starting to censor free speech, free thought by way of Twitter and Facebook.

Democrats want to raid Medicare and Medicaid with Medicare for all. Democrats want to give free medical coverage to everyone. What about the millions of folks who have already paid for this coverage? Are the Democrats going to write refund checks to all that have contributed every paycheck for the coverage?

America cannot stand as a country if we sell our natural resources to Russia like the Obama administration did with Uranium 1. Now Russia owns 20 percent of our natural resource. I think Mueller needs to look at the Democrats colluding with Russia to try and win the presidency. The Democrats yell fascist Nazis, racism, bigots etc. to anyone who voted for Trump. Democrats are the modern-day version of the KKK, the Third Reich, Mao, and Stalin.

Democrats take to the streets and beat on innocent people and they don’t care, hurt as many as they can, hoping to find one so they can say see I knew they were Nazis and that is what Nazi Germany was all about, silence the strong, eliminate their weapons and make them walk the same way, make them talk the same way, make them think the same way.

America needs to wake up and realize that Democrats want to destroy everything you have worked for, they want to turn our country into a third world nation, they want to take your job away, take your money away and make you survive on government handouts. They want us to live like Venezuela.

Believe the Democrats, remember they said they did not want to impeach the president and now that is all they talk about doing. They have introduced legislation to start impeachment.

Too bad that won’t happen. All that will happen is millions of dollars wasted instead of using that money to feed, clothe, and shelter the hungry American children that Democrats have pushed aside in favor of illegal immigrant children.

Tyler Weiss

Should border security include permanent troops?

While it is sad that migrant children have died after entering the U.S., I don’t think blame should be cast upon our border patrol or customs officials. Adverse health issues most likely developed before or during the migrants’ journey and should have been taken into account by parents or adult guardians. If you watched the videos of asylum seekers on their trek through Mexico, you may have noticed that they appeared healthy and vigorous. And in possession of cell phones, no less. The image really dilutes my sense of “your huddled masses.” You have to wonder, where do they recharge their phones?

America may be the world’s most favored safe haven, but people who choose to escape from oppressive regimes and who fear a criminal element in their homeland might turn things around if they banded together. Popular uprisings have certainly led to beneficial, even revolutionary change. And on those occasions when it has been deemed politically expedient, the United States has intervened with all manner of assistance to those in peril.

Despite our government’s willingness to help mitigate desperate situations is it unreasonable for this to be tempered by perseverance and resolve on the part of those who reach out to us? There are many Americans born and bred, who can tell you a thing or two about desperation.

As to security enhancements along our southern border, they have been needed and largely ignored for a very long time. I’m not the first to suggest that if the interests of the United States are best served by continuous deployment of our armed forces within other countries, shouldn’t a similar strategy be applied to our porous and extremely vulnerable southern boundary? A “border security command” in coordination with the Border Patrol and Customs Enforcement &Immigration, supplemented by standard wire fencing, sensors and drones, could do the job.

Should the decision be made to permanently establish units of our armed forces along the U.S. / Mexico demarcation, some will of course denounce the exercise of imminent domain. On the other hand, personal sacrifice has always been measured against the need for national security.

Ralph Bazan

How about some respect and a decent meal?

Our fake president’s fast food “banquet” for the NCAA championship Clemson University Tigers football team was a national disgrace and an insult to them and the entire country.

The message he sent to these outstanding young men is that if you put in the tremendous effort and sacrifice to become a champion athlete, all you are worth is a hamburger and a taco. And what makes him think that they are so stupid that they would prefer cheap fast food to a gourmet meal?

OK, so the government is shut down and the White House’s cooking staff is gone. But couldn’t an alleged billionaire spring for a caterer and give these heroes a presidential victory feast that they earned and deserve?

Or he could just charge it to the taxpayers, like with the $3 million it costs us every time he jets off for a nice round of golf? Or how about making Mexico pay for it?

David G. Alexander

The lie about the welfare state is a disappointment

Governments repeat over and over again the famous old history about the “welfare state” up to the point that many people have believed it and had a great disappointment. This is what happened to my colleague who works in an office of the state administration and about five years ago she told me that she wished to retire to enjoy the welfare state and now next to the retirement she has terminal cancer.

We can think it is just a case of bad luck but it has got me thinking. If we look at what makes us happy, we realize that happiness is very fleeting and normal life goes in a different way, and we find that every day we have to face unpleasant and many times painful things with which we live together and, or we accept them, or become the most unhappy people.

The welfare state is like assuming that we are going to achieve the heaven on earth and this is impossible. Pleasures are always very momentary, and sometimes leave us a taste quite unpleasant, such as another friend who went on a Mediterranean cruise thinking it would be the best and the poor thing spent almost all the days vomiting by the seasickness provoked by the rolling of the transatlantic.

In addition, the welfare state for whom? It will be for those who can work and earn a decent salary, because for the millions of unemployed that sounds like a joke, because they know well that the politicians that proclaim it have big salaries.

Isabel Costa

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