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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Mueller report and testimony insinuations

I feel compelled to apologize to Mr. Jim Ferrell for obviously missing some pertinent information he and several in Congress are aware of that the rest of the people are unaware of, after over two years, over $25 million of the highest touted investigative agency in the world, with highly biased investigators. I don’t recall the president being “perp walked” out of the White House.

So now we turn to waste more time and money to an assembly of clowns with the only proof being a venomous, vitriol hatred for the president. Maybe some people feel the president is not entitled to the same legal protections as any other citizen of this country. If so, go for it, make your case in an arena of ideas, may the strongest argument win.

I wonder why many on CNN, MSNBC and printed news said the “Mueller” testimony was a disaster in particular while the report made broad insinuations but little substance. When we as a country get to the point of making insinuations and making statements that at best can be considered subjective, we as a country will no longer exist.

David Jaronik

P.S. Why is Mr. Ferrell so obsessed with what I have to say? Do I strike a nerve, after all it’s just my opinion, backed with research, and I believe everyone should do their own homework and not take anyone else’s thoughts without question.

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