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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Do doctors really care about their patients?

Does any doctor really care? Or are they all run by the pharmaceuticals and collect their paychecks so they really don’t care if they don’t guess your problem right the first time.

We all know the pharmaceutical industry controls them. They really don’t care how much pain you’re going through, just as long as it isn’t them that’s hurting. Or to convince us they are trying to help, they prescribe drugs, which only make you worse because of all the side effects from them. And I am sure you all have experienced a few of those, right?

Or have any of you, while waiting in the office had to go to the bathroom but because of being in so much pain, weren’t able to walk there? They offer a bedside port-a-potty, which they didn’t have one. They couldn’t send anyone to help me because if I had fallen – omigosh – they would be held responsible and would have to fill out a bunch of paperwork. Can you imagine this? I can, it happened to me. The nurse practitioner said I would be helped when they, the paramedics, got me to the hospital. On top of that, what they were sending me to the hospital for was because my smile was crooked. Wrong! My smile has always been that way without having a heart attack, which I didn’t have.

There are many other times in situations where they just give you prescriptions and just send you off saying this will help. Help what? They don’t tell you what. Or when you go back they say, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you anymore. I can’t give you a new spine or back. All I can do is give you pain medicines.” Cha-ching. Pharmamedicals’ cash registers are ringing again!

Tell me, whatever happened to the doctor’s oath of “do no harm”? Now it is getting the patient in and out with prescriptions in less than 20 minutes. What are we, the layperson supposed to do now? No one cares because they aren’t feeling the pain.

How many of you out there are feeling pain because they just guess what’s wrong with you or your pain started from another procedure that was supposed to fix the problem in the first place. How many out there are feeling the side effects from the meds that were supposed to make you feel better.

Yes, people, something’s wrong here. It’s called bog money, also the way health care is run by the financial pencil pushers.

Sylvia Esseny

Just a little clarification, for the record

Well, here I am again writing to the editor when I told myself I wouldn’t do this anymore. There was a response in the PVT to my letter so I just had to set the record straight.

First of all I am not a she and I don’t understand why he would say that. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 205 pounds and am all man. I am not going to use his name because he likes the notoriety so I won’t give him that. And yes, I am registered real Democrat. I might not think like the modern-day socialist Democrat (commie), yes that is what they are, because I believe the less government in my life the better. I believe in the Constitution as it was written. It is an easy document to read, so try it sometime, you might discover the actual facts.

He also states that I do not name one thing that Donald Trump, president of the United States of America, has done. Let’s see, how about the economy, stupid. And he will retort that was all Obama’s doing, which anyone with a brain knows better. How about destroying ISIS, and he will say oh, they are still there and again we all know that is not the case. How about building the wall, being done as we speak. How about the VA medical mess he had when he took over from your idiot. I am with the VA and I can see a huge change. My medicine cost has been reduced.

You are not going to see anything if you don’t open your eyes. A little research on his part might be appropriate but he is not going to do that. Why, because it would give him a different point of view and God forbid that. I could go on and on but to no avail. You are not going to change the way he thinks because he doesn’t (think).

Stacy Riney

We don’t need politically motivated corruption

CJ, nobody cares if you are a he or a she. What’s important is the misinformation you continuously put out. First, you claim you just came up with the phrase “dig up dirt” in reference to President Trump on your own. I find that hard to believe as the phrase was widely used by the Pelosi-controlled media before you wrote your first letter.

Second, President Trump did not confess to any wrongdoing as you claim. He did admit to asking the president of Ukraine to look into the following issues.

There was widespread corruption in the Ukraine involving businesses doing business in the United States or with U.S. based companies. Trump asked the Ukrainian president for help in looking into these companies. You would have known this if you watched the Fox channel.

And Joe and Hunter Biden were tied to one of these companies. This Biden connection was mentioned in the phone transcript you didn’t read.

Trump also asked the Ukraine’s president for help in resolving rumors pertaining to the hacking of the DNC email accounts. Hackers allegedly used computer servers located in the Ukraine.

And it was Joe Biden who confessed to a quid pro quo funding deal with Ukraine. The Obama administration had the same concerns Trump’s administration had about widespread corruption in Ukraine. Biden was threatening to withhold a billion-dollar aid package unless the Ukrainian president took action. There’s a video of Biden confessing to this quid pro quo deal.

These issue were discussed on the non-Pelosi controlled news media you never watch. So maybe should switch to Fox news for accurate information on Trump and other world events.

Scott Culshaw

Think some table pounding will be effective?

Mr. Jaronik has joined the Republican losers, or maybe he has always been one. Losers because Nevada is now a blue state with 2 Democratic senators, a Democratic governor, and a majority of representatives. Even Trump lost this state.

It has been said the Republicans when trying to defend Trump, first try to win on the facts, and when that fails, they try to win on the law, then when they can’t win on the law, they start pounding the table.

I was upset over the 16 election, not because of the polls, but because our country had elected a Russian sympathizer, a collaborator with Putin, an abuser of women, a cheater of his former employees, a pathological liar, and a draft dodger.

Mr. Jaronik accused me of not giving supporting facts but failed to give one single quote of mine that was untrue. We will hear the facts in the congressional hearings. Expect more pounding on the table by the Republicans since they can’t win on the facts or the law.

Jim Ferrell

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