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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

If we ban guns, how will we protect ourselves?

Ban guns in the Pahrump library story room? Really? Then how does one protect the young whenever a troubled or just plain mean person decides to “make a name for themselves”?

A vengeful or just plain hater comes in with a concealed weapon to show their wrath for some perceived wrong done to them or even an adult dissed them or so they thought and they knew that person’s child or children were in the story room , so they shoot up that room for revenge.

Just read the news about people who have done these things. However if there are or is someone who possesses a personal weapon either with a concealed permit or open carry that’s not easy to see, in the room they can and would stop the slaughter of the innocent children in the room. Usually, well really, it takes a good person with a gun to stop a bad person with a gun. That’s a proven fact.

Because one person feels uncomfortable because of weapons in the room, how would they feel if the above happened and everyone was unarmed? Chances are that person would not feel uncomfortable ever again as they would also be targeted because they are an adult and a threat to the shooter.

Yes, I can agree with the council members who say give one inch and it eventually becomes the whole building as a “safe” zone, which is the perfect spot for the bad person(s).

Remember, everyone, every single person at the Democratic debates did espouse gun confiscation of semiautomatic guns. Automatic weapons are not sold unless one has a collector’s license and is very carefully vetted.

Henry Hurlbut

Nevada does not really want to be like California

Mr. Ferrell said I joined or l was a “loser” Republican. That’s quite an assumption. I have a question to Mr. Ferrell, who proudly boasted of turning Nevada “blue.”

Mr. Ferrell stated in an earlier letter that he came here from California. Why, with California’s far superior weather and recreational opportunities, etc.? As well, many say it is and has been a “progressive Democrat paradise.” Anyone who has had to actually work for a living and has the economic ability has moved or is planning to move from this paradise, even if it means going to live in places where 112 degrees is frequent or places where below zero is frequent. Every honest person knows the answer is California is where the working people’s hard-earned money is taken in so many ways with very little compensation in return. A money “rat hole.”

Why would anyone work so hard to turn the place they moved to become the same place they left, politically speaking? Because the main cause was the result of political policy.

P.S. I see some are regularly “Turning out the lights” in California, figuratively and actually.

David Jaronik

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