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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Impeach Trump for making the Democrats look bad

I have been reading all of the political letters. The country is so divided. It is Donald Trump’s fault. Hillary could have been our first woman president. I have been a Democrat and voted for Obama twice. Imagine if they could have had four more years with Hillary. Obama just did not have enough time to create all the jobs that Trump has created. And Hillary said it was too hard to stop the outsourcing of our jobs. Oh, but not Trump.

He meets with all of these company leaders to ask them to hire more U.S. workers. He must have waved a magic wand. What a show-off. And he is building a wall to protect our border. We don’t need no stinking wall. There are only a few thousand a day coming over here.

Trump is worried a few MS13 gang members could be among them. What a worry-wart. Then we have all of this fuss with China over tariffs. Obama did not worry about that. He did mention it a lot when he was running for president. But I do not recall him saying anything about China after he became president. And all the business with the Ukraine deal. Obama did not give them money or lethal aid.

More importantly, he gave them blankets. He did not want to offend Putin because he needed him to go along with the $150 billion nuclear deal with Iran. He was using the old bean. Not so with Trump. He decided to give money and lethal aid. He risked making Putin mad and he sure made the Democrats mad by not giving it fast enough. He should have stayed with the blanket plan.

And he should not be looking into the Biden’s affairs. If your son is drummed out of the Navy (reserve) for doing drugs, you cannot shell out your own money to him. It is much cheaper to get him a job on an energy board in Ukraine. One must not blame Joe for being thrifty. That is how it is done in Washington anyway.

The news has been saying that Trump’s supporters are in a cult. That could be true. He is trying to brainwash us that more jobs and a better economy are a good thing. Do not get on that fast-moving Trump train. Stick with the Democratic slow-moving tugboat. Those high-paying jobs of the future they keep promising us could be right around the corner if we keep chug, chugging along. Keep your eye on the prize.

Do not let a cult leader trick you into thinking those are empty promises. No, Trump must be impeached because he is making the Democrats look bad. He is creating too many jobs and people have more money. He needs to stop waving that magic wand.

Karen Stone

Powwow committee thanks the Pahrump community

The Pahrump Powwow committee and volunteers. Ron, Sue, Manny, Marvin, Bill, Jenna, Karen, Doris, Donna, Alicia, Tommy, Rebekka, Jim, Gayle, Rose, Leroy, Thomas, Carleen, Pete, Reva and Paula would like to thank you, the community, for your support of the Powwow this year. So many of our vendors have commented about how friendly everyone is here, so thank you from them, too.

Please mark your calendars for next year, Nov 20-22, 2020. Remember we are always the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Paula Elefante

VFW food bank thankful for Albertsons donation

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Albertsons of Pahrump for their gracious donation of 32 turkey dinners for the VFW Veterans Food Bank, Through one of our Auxiliary members, who initiated contact with the store manager, Albertsons provided the boost that was needed to assist our VFW Auxiliary to feed the over 61 veterans and their families that we provide assistance to on a weekly basis. Thank you so much!

I would also like to thank Lowes of Las Vegas for their gracious donation of new lighting and fans throughout our building, as well as new gazebos and picnic tables for the exterior. The assistance of Lowes team members and the VFW members allowed everything to be installed over a two-day period. Thank you all so much!

Also, a special thanks to Gunny’s Heating and Air, AVCO Builders, and D &J Electrical for their continued support to this organization… You assist us every day in keeping things up and running in this nearly 50-year-old building that has been neglected for so long. With your assistance and generosity, we are getting a much-needed facelift, and improvements throughout.

Martin Aguiar

VFW Post 10054 Commander

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