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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Killing of Soleimani may have serious fall-out

Mike Pompeo, Trump’s secretary of state, defended Trump’s decision to kill Soleimani saying “It may be that there’s a little noise here in the interim.” A “little noise” is a ridiculous total understatement. Pompeo is now showing his ignorance and inability to comprehend the severity of this and should step down. There will be deaths directly connected to Trump’s decision to kill Soleimani. Those deaths are NOT “a little noise.”

He also claimed that the strike was aimed at disrupting an “imminent attack.” Does he really feel that an imminent attack would have been aborted by killing one general? Just the opposite. It would have given them even more reasons to continue their plan of attack.

Trump’s real reason is the same reasoning he used when he repeatedly claimed that President Obama would start a war with Iran in order to win re-election. Now, with Trump facing a difficult re-election, he’s attacking Iran! What a hypocrite.

And the real reason that he didn’t go to Congress is because he knew his plan would get shot down by them. Again, Trump feels he’s above the law. He could have taken five minutes to call the Gang of 8 to let them know what a serious decision he was going to make. The man is way over his head and in a very deadly way.

Now, Iran says it would end all limitations on enriching uranium that it agreed to in 2015. This was the agreement that Trump dumped because he felt he could get a better deal. Where’s the better deal? The fact is that it is Trump who is breaking that original agreement and putting all of us in peril for nullifying it – not Iran!!

The most pathetic part is that Trump thinks he can bully Iran into submission. His lack of understanding and narcissism has put the lives of our soldiers, embassy employees, foreign allies and U.S. citizens in jeopardy.

This man is a fool and a clear and present danger. If Pompeo is right, then let Mr. Trump put himself out there to be the target of “a little noise.”

CJ Stevens

Why should Pahrump residents vote Republican?

I have tried throughout my life to base my decisions on logic that told me how to benefit the most when it came to national elections. A few years ago I had a conversation with the district attorney. Neither of us could understand why a resident of Pahrump would vote Republican.

For example, how did the huge tax cuts for billionaires like the Kochs, the Murdochs, and the Trumps benefit the residents of Pahrump? Especially when Trump and McConnell said, “We are going to have to take away the health care for the people to pay for the tax cuts.”

I am certain that the Kochs, Trumps, and Murdochs have many more millions of net worth, but does the average Pahrump citizen even have $10,000 more in his/her bank account after the tax cuts for the rich?

To the contrary, I know Republicans who live in mobile homes and live paycheck to paycheck. They don’t live here in fancy Manhattan residences, and probably 98% of them aren’t even millionaires. I also know some who drive around in hot old cars because they can’t even afford to have their air conditioners repaired.

One of them said, “I don’t like Hillary and will never again vote for a Democrat.” There have been many more felons arrested under Trump than under Clinton and Obama combined. If Hillary was so bad, how come the Republicans could find no wrong on her part after spending over $50 million of our tax dollars while doing 13 separate investigations? Even the Benghazi story was a lie put out only by Fox News and not verified by any other major and worthy news station.

Some say, “Look at the economy.” OK. Trump is running a deficit of nearly a trillion dollars, almost double that of Obama. Our national debt is expanding at 6% while our economy is increasing at only 2%.

Let me explain this to Republicans. Trump is running our economy on a credit card. We all know how this will likely end.

But, most important, this election is not about Democrat vs. Republican. It is about defending our Constitution from being violated again by Trump, despite the fact that Republicans in the Senate have vowed to prevent a fair trial for the people.

Can you imagine a trial in Pahrump whereby the judge would not allow witnesses testify to the facts? All of us have pledged allegiance to our republic. Why should we vote for one who has violated our Constitution?

Jim Ferrell

Socialist, communist sympathies increasing

I watch with suspicion all of the antics of our “public servants.” Social Security, which I “volunteered” for in 1957 caused me to ask the question, “Isn’t this socialism?” That question got me thrown out of the office with the demand that I go forth and work for 50 years. I was advised that I would receive a pension from the Social Security Insurance Fund, which would remain tax-free. Yeah!

Then Medicare became another voluntary government insurance program, socialism.

Then we have the TSA and Homeland Security. TSA is a government agency, forbidden from conducting unlawful search and seizures. Homeland Security was/is another “welfare program” that has proven to be an ineffective, distrusted agency, under the Obama administration. Then Obama began his first term by ordering folks to report any act that they found offensive, to our government. That directive reminded me of Cuba, East Germany, USSR and North Korea, where government “Snitches” are encouraged to charge folks with “crimes against the state.”

I am embarrassed to say that I am watching as Nevada slips ever closer to the socialist/communist sympathies that have become prominent since Obama assumed office. He was, and still is, a devout communist.

We have the “Red Flag Act” ready to be implemented in our state. That act provides the deprivation of constitutional rights to U.S. citizens absent due process. The commission of the act never sees a court, never sees the accuser, never sees charges filed, just the imaginary statements made by a disgruntled anonymous accuser. If you think this is the answer, then I suggest you all relocate to Cuba where this type of government is praised.

There is an 84-year-old veteran (Korea), retired police officer, and crossing guard in Massachusetts who had his Second Amendment and Fifth Amendment rights trampled into the ground. Based on baseless accusations, the Tisbury Police Department seized his concealed carry permit and his weapons and forbade him from requesting any written evidence that all of that happened to him without due process. Tisbury Police Department advised him that he was not charged with a crime, would not be prosecuted, would not appear in court, he was not allowed the opportunity to face his accuser or a judge.

If you desire to verify this action contact: Tisbury PD, 32 Water St., Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts 02568, telephone 508-696-4240. The slippery slope to socialism or communism is but inches away. The slide got a big boost in 2008 with the election of Obama. We now have 20 or so candidates for the presidency that avow their communist/socialist tendencies. This would have been unheard of in Joe McCarthy’s day. I’ll admit that he was a little heavy-handed at times but his fears were justified. Don’t ever forget Khrushchev’s statement as he pounded his shoe on the desk of the United Nations, “We will take over your country without ever firing a shot.” About 50 years have gone by, and we have allowed ever so slowly for those that wish to overthrow this nation the protection of their civil rights to do so.

It is your call. Now gun confiscation, illegals with Nevada driver’s licenses, then illegals with voter ID, then repeal of the first, second and fifth amendments, as a third world country. It has happened so quickly.

Wayne P. Brotherton Sr.

New Pahrump cost of living getting like Vegas

Is it the administration’s new goal to run off the elderly, disabled vets, and low-income Pahrump people with higher rent requirements, higher power costs, new building permits, and higher cost of living?

Pahrump was a nice place where people could afford to live, now it’s like Vegas with high rents, high power, and higher cost of living.

Is what new Pahrump is all about to punish the disabled vets, elderly, low-income residents of Pahrump?

Bradley Rusk

Middle East crisis: Are we facing a new war?

Although we can place the highest confidence in our armed forces’ ability to protect and defend American interests against any and all aggression, the recent killing of Iran’s ranking general may have precipitated an entirely new phase of hostilities in the Middle East. According to various and reliable accounts we understand that the targeted individual is responsible for many deaths and much destruction in the region, so his removal, while well deserved, may only serve as a catalyst for a situation we do not want.

Our intelligence services are also well aware that the government of Iran has sponsored or acted directly to obstruct the United States and our allies in efforts to bring stability and progress to Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations. Clearly, the expectation that sanctions could persuade Iran to contain its nuclear and territorial ambitions have proven unsuccessful. Even so, western powers have kept the threshold below that of a full-scale war.

Now, it appears that America is on the verge of a wider conflict, due to what some observers see as ill-considered actions and bravado on the part of our commander-in-chief. In the aftermath of the drone strike, Trump’s threat to destroy Iranian cultural and sacred sites may have heightened tensions far more than any sanctions that might be imposed.

There is little doubt that with an increased level of hostility, America’s military mission in the Middle East will expand. As a result, more Americans will be killed in a conflict that shows no sign of de-escalating. Going forward we can only hope that our civilian and military leaders will be nothing less than astute in exercising their powers.

Meanwhile, American voters are faced with no small decision about who our next commander-in-chief should be. Like they say in the TV commercial, “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.” But as with so much in life, knowing the truth doesn’t always free us from miscalculation and blatant mistakes. We’re obliged to think long and hard.

Ralph Bazan

Reader finally in agreement with letter writer

At last, I can agree with Henry Hurlbut on something. Pregnant women who are the victims of rape or incest should have their abortions paid for with our tax dollars. However, all other abortions, except for extreme cases involving the health of the mother, are not eligible for reimbursement. Henry, the Hyde Amendment, which restricts federal money being used for abortion has been the law of the land since 1976.

Henry’s other point about socialists offering “free programs” with our tax dollars is rather confusing. Stating at least one specific program would be nice. I would argue that it is right-wingers who are wasting our tax dollars.

Billions of dollars in subsidies to the oil and tobacco companies was not a liberal idea. Permanent tax cuts to billionaires is something you right-wingers support. Exploding the federal deficit during peacetime was first done by Ronald Reagan. Democratic President Bill Clinton balanced the federal budget. Donald Trump has increased our deficit from $500 billion annually to almost $1 trillion dollars. Spending that much “funny money” is why the economy seems to be thriving. Our children will not be grateful for us spending money they have to pay back.

Henry, you love to use the word “socialist”. Do you support Medicare and Social Security? How about tax dollars used to pay for the football stadium in Las Vegas? Those things are examples of socialism. One could argue Obamacare is socialism. I’m wondering if you want to take health care away from 20 million Americans like Mr. Trump is determined to do? By the way, in your next article would you explain to all of us the Republican plan for health care? Never mind, they don’t have one.

Dennis Crooks

Is Pahrump ready for another town board?

I am concerned for our town and am not content with the only governing board for Pahrump being the Board of County Commissioners (“BOCC”).

It seems the town’s money is being spent by decision of the BOCC and not necessarily based on the town’s best interest. A new town board needs to be created. Based on my research, this is accomplished by either petition or vote of the BOCC. I would prefer to submit a request to the BOCC to put this subject on their agenda, along with a list of residents’ signatures. However, prior to gathering signatures, I would like to know if you all agree that we need a town board, or not.

Please email me at pahrumpboard@gmail.com with your comments. Depending on how many responses I receive, I will arrange a meeting so we may gather and discuss how to proceed (or not).

Thank you for your feedback!

Karen Duryea

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