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Letters to the Editor

People should get informed about religious beliefs

What kind of twisted thinking is going on in the news media? A Muslim young man kills gays because he has been taught that is what his religion requires and CBS and other network news programs are blaming Christians for what happened in Orlando. Muslims are killing people all over the world who are infidels (not Muslims) and it’s not their religion that is responsible, but one lone nut who claims to be Christian spews hatred and it’s all over the media.

For your information, Jesus taught that we are to love everyone, even our enemy. So, if a person is not acting in accordance with what Jesus taught, they are not acting in accordance with the Christian faith. Christians all over this world are performing acts of kindness. They are there supporting people and helping and feeding people wherever there are disasters. Does this news media ever say one word about the love Christians are showing continually? If you remove Christians from this world, it would be a very sad place. Hospitals, feeding programs, assisting poor in many ways, caring for orphans, helping the homeless, rehabilitation homes to help those who are trafficked, helping the addicted come out of addiction, and many, many other ways Christians are making a difference in this world. Christians are the givers of this world.

If people today knew history, they would they would know that Islam conquered most of North Africa and Asia, and parts of Europe by the sword and Christians did not want to fight, so they were removed by the sword unless they became a Muslim. They are at it again. So please don’t blame Christians for what Muslims are doing today. I encourage people to read the English version of the Koran and the Bible to be informed about what they believe.

Judy Pendleton

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DAN SCHINHOFEN: Special session fiasco part 2

During this current “special session”, our Democrat-controlled Legislature has prioritized police “reforms” and seem to have forgotten that we are in, what they call, “a health emergency”. While Nevada does have some bad officers, from the vast majority of police in our state, we have not seen racism as a driving issue. Still our state Democratic leaders think that getting on the record with specious “reforms” is a priority, so that their other Democratic friends feel good.

TIM BURKE: Nevada Democrats force November mail-in ballot

The act of physically going to a polling location and casting my vote in-person has always given me a feeling of satisfaction that I am participating in the election process.

THOMAS KNAPP: Afghanistan Bounties: Pot, Meet Kettle (and Turn Off the Stove!)

“These are anarchists, these are not protesters,” President Donald Trump said on July 20th, defending his decision to unleash Department of Homeland Security hooligans on anti-police-violence demonstrators in Portland. Anarchist-bashing — referring to “radical-left anarchists” in Minneapolis, “ugly anarchists” in Seattle, etc. — has become a consistent Trump campaign theme since May.

CHUCK BAKER: Land, Land, but not an inch to spare

“Don’t Fence Me In” was a popular song in the 1940s. Some might say it could be today’s theme song for Nellis AFB. Between all the land held in Nevada by the local air base and the Bureau of Land Management, it appears that control over boundaries and borders will be with Silver State entities for quite some time. And not just in the south.

TIM BURKE: First Amendment protects free speech, not violence

In the rural counties of Nevada, it is not uncommon to have residents assemble and express their conservative viewpoints. Here in Pahrump, during patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July, you might find someone standing along the main roadways waving an American flag to show their support for this country. It is also common to see American flags attached to residents’ cars and trucks around town. These residents are exercising their First Amendment rights.