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Letters to the Editor

Speaking out about corporate outsourcing

I recently had a billing problem with DirecTV. Believe it or not, I spoke to a person in Manila, Phillipines. I could barely understand the lady, so I asked her, “Where are you located?” She replied, “I am in Manila, Phillipines.” Wow, this country has so many unemployed people. Everyone complains about Obama and the unemployed, why don’t these people complain to corporations about outsourcing to cheap labor, who you can’t understand when they speak?

DirecTV is not cheap, but pay low wages to third world country employees. By the way, I called DirecTV and told them what I thought.


Thank you from Relay for Life

The 2014 Relay for Life Committee would like to thank the United Methodist Church on Hwy. 372 for hosting the first event of the 2014 Relay season – our open house ice cream social held on Tuesday, Sept. 10. Thank you committee members for manning the various booths: Luminaria booth – Kim Brodd, Golf Tournament booth-Kathy Butkovich, Survivor registration booth-Linda Wright, Bark4Life booth-Desiree Foshee, and Mr. & Ms. Relay booth-Melodie Eleogam.

A big thank you to Shannon Moore for providing the ice cream and thank you Alan Foshee for serving it up. The 2014 Relay will be on May 16 & 17, 2014 at Petrack Park. For further information call Event Chair Chanda Wieland 616-902-0629. To start or join a walking team call Team Development Chair Shannon Moore 775-910-1552.

Marian Maxfield


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President Trump to hold rally in Las Vegas next week

President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally in the Las Vegas Convention Center at noon Friday — one day before the Nevada Democratic caucuses.

Don’t let Trump’s budget proposal distract you from the real spenders

As a political junkie, I get lots of email pleas from politicians and political advocacy groups. Today, I got one from U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Well, not exactly. That’s what the “from” header said, but the message was signed “Team AOC” and delivered via Daily Kos.

Tim Burke: Illegal dumping shows lazy, inconsiderate attitude

The used and broken sofa appeared alongside the roadway overnight. Laying on its side, it was just a few feet from the shoulder of the paved two-lane rural road. At first glance, you may have thought that it might have fallen off a truck by accident, but a longer look showed that it wasn’t alone, there were a couple of plants and other trash next to it.

TIM BURKE: Time to return government control to local jurisdiction

Once upon a time, normal everyday citizens had access to their senators and congresspersons. You could call one of these elected officials and actually get to talk to them. Even better, you could stop by their office and see them face to face and have an opportunity to discuss issues directly with them.