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Letters to the Editor

Is Boruchowitz being punished for arrest?

We in our community don’t know what goes on behind closed doors at the Nye County Sheriff’s Office. But from the information I have read, Detective Boruchowitz has done an outstanding job of enforcing the law. Apparently he has not allowed his gun and badge to make him a little Napoleon. Also he seems to believe in the principle of “blind justice.”

When I first moved here I read how he investigated and arrested our former DA, Mr. Beckett, on charges of misappropriation of trust funds. Then this past April he was the arresting officer of Rick Marshall, who was charged with stealing campaign signs. Title or position doesn’t seem to matter to Detective Boruchowitz when enforcing the law, and that is proper enforcement.

It is a known fact that DeMeo had selected and supported Rick Marshall to be his replacement for sheriff of Nye County. The previous arrest of Mr. Marshall has not been good publicity for him, and undoubtedly a huge disappointment for DeMeo. DeMeo was not on his job at the time of Marshall’s arrest.

I understand he was somewhere on the other side of the world. It was reported in our local media that DeMeo was greatly upset by the arrest, and shortly after his return to duty the officers involved in Marshall’s arrest (I believe there were 6), took stress leave. Then I read in the PVT that DeMeo had reassigned Detective Boruchowitz to jail duties, an obvious play by DeMeo to demean Detective Boruchowitz.

This raises a serious question on the conduct of DeMeo. Did he use his position of authority to get back at Detective Boruchowitz because he arrested DeMeo’s chosen one? Certainly this has the appearance of wrongdoing by DeMeo.

DeMeo should have stepped aside and allowed impartial parties to decide the fate of Detective Boruchowitz. Instead it appears that DeMeo will leave his career with tar on it.

Jim Ferrell

Watch the shiny object

I asked Jim Ferrell to provide facts about Fox News untruths (lies – Webster) and what do I get – look over here – distractions. Instead of providing facts he resorts to pointing a finger at me, I.E. – disappointing, slurs, slanted, yellow journalism, mischaracterized, all the Democratic talking points like blame Bush, Iraq, food stamps, etc., etc.

Let me clear up Ferrell’s first mistake, trying to read my mind, and joining me with Republicans.

I was born and raised a Democrat until the JFK assassination. When I saw how that was handled I became a Republican until the Nixon fiasco. I then took off my party blinders and removed my filtered earplugs so I could see and hear the real world. I became a conservative independent and remain so today. I try to look at everything from a practical (realistic) point of view.

Since Ferrell didn’t provide any facts about Fox News I can only assume partisan rhetoric. Here are a few facts Ferrell failed to relate to you:

1. Lois Lerner pleaded the Fifth – surprise!

2. Multiple computers crashed – losing emails.

3. Eric Holder won’t investigate seriously.

4. Obama has almost doubled debt in six years (almost 8 trillion – beats Reagan.

5. Benghazi wasn’t over video – Duh! Not a smidgen – right.

I would also like to add my thanks to Bruce Kline for his “right on” article in community viewpoint.

If Ferrell is so interested in the truth I recommend the following:

1. Stop listening to Harry Reid.

2. Start watching Fox News.

3. Take off the party blinders and remove the party filtered earplugs.

4. Quit using Hitler as your idol for talking points.

5. Quit trying to be the local Democratic “Baghdad Bob.”

6. Look under your Christmas tree – you might find Lois Lerner and Benghazi exposed.

7. As for “put up or shut up” where are the Fox News untruths (lies – Webster)?

R. Davis

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