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Letters to the Editor

Does saving energy mean saving money?

The BLM wants more solar energy in Nevada. Wow! Just how many trillions of dollars will this round cost us? Five billion for Tesla, from Nevada taxpayers. How many billions will U.S. taxpayers shell out for this extravagant battery factory? Has everyone forgotten the previous battery factory funded by U.S. taxpayers, that Obama bragged about endlessly, only to see it go bankrupt, never produce one battery, then sold to Communist China for pennies on the dollar?

The Ivanpah solar plant is operating at approximately 20 percent capacity. It has been reduced several times from a high of 40 percent, but we are told it will reach its target output in the future. I expect that Ivanpah will reach its target only when the target is reduced, and more natural gas is allotted to continue operation.

Amargosa Valley residents are still waiting for the $700,000 from Solar Millennium, as we were advised so many times by our town board, particularly Bostos and Cohan. That was just one of many that went bankrupt after getting so many tax dollars from us.

Why is it, these companies are not able to engineer an industry in the private sector for profit, and fund it with capital from the private sector investors? Why is it, they are not capable of producing a product, that consumers have a desire or need for, at a cost that is acceptable to those consumers? And still make a profit? Contrary to Obama, that is how our nation functioned from the beginning. The only way those companies have demonstrated an ability to produce a product (sometimes), is when the cost of production is funded by the taxpayer, and then paid for (again) by the consumer. The cost per kilowatt hour for solar power is about $0.41. That is just the cost. Power companies will add their business costs, then bill you. The taxpayers have been shelling out trillions of dollars in an attempt to keep the solar industry afloat. The costs are staggering, unless you are not paying for it (politicians).

Electric cars face the same problems today that were problems a century ago. A hundred years, and we are still at first base. Electricity produced by solar energy is still obscenely expensive. Solar power has been around for many centuries, and it is still the most expensive form of power. Unless, of course, you are the electric automobile operator that is recharging at a taxpayer-funded charging station.

What is the solution?, you may ask. Let’s ask Obama, Reid, Polosi, Clinton, Clinton, Gore and our legislature. They will tell you that shutting down coal-fired plants is one solution (Laughlin). Refusing to allow the construction of new coal fired plants (3 in Ely), is another. But, coal fired plants can produce electricity at a cost of $0.04 to $0.05 per kilowatt hour. We have enough coal on hand, now, to satisfy all of our energy needs for 200 to 250 years. That makes us a very powerful nation. Cutting our nose off to spite our face is not the brightest idea we ever had. Sacrificing our national security to satisfy a whim is most definitely dumb and dangerous. If we reduce our choices of energy sources, at the least expensive rates, we shall be dictated to by nations that are supplying energy sources to us. Remember OPEC? Obama is painting us into a corner, from which we shall not escape.

Your choice.

Wayne P. Brotherton, Sr.

California student asks for Nevada project help

Dear People of the Great State of Nevada:

Greetings! My name is Juan Y and I am a fifth grade student at Salida Elementary School in Salida, California. We live in the central valley located east of San Francisco.

This year we are to each complete a state project. I picked Nevada! I am asking for any and all information from and about your great state of Nevada to be sent to me. If you would please send me any postcards, articles, maps, pictures, pins, pencils, posters, pamphlets or any other special items from Nevada for my project.

My school address is:

Juan Y. c/o Mr. Howell’s 5th Grade

Salida Elementary School, 4519 Finney Road, Salida, CA 95368

I really appreciate your help in making my project the best! I am lucky to have and learn about an awesome state like Nevada!


Juan Y.

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