Letters to the Editor

Some politicians only see dollar signs at Yucca Mountain

The front page column of the March 20th PVT by Steve Tetrault is a complete farce. The second column states, “Residents there generally have favored the project as a potential economic boon.”

I’m of the opinion that the majority of residents of Nye County are not in favor of storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, and for some scientist to make the statement that nuclear waste at Yucca would be safe for a million years is absolutely horrendous.

Some of our local, state, and federal politicians can only see dollar signs. Have they ever wondered what would happen to our groundwater in the case of a horrific earthquake in the vicinity of Yucca Mountain? Then again, I doubt they have any interest in the health of our citizens in Nevada.

Richard E. Semerjian

Local veterinarians should care about community

In response to the animal ordinance:

We can’t enforce animal regulations now. Why add another law? I believe the vets here need to care more about the community and get together and hold low-cost spay and neuter and low-cost shot clinics. How can a vet from Henderson come out here and hold a shot clinic once a month but none of the local vets do?

It costs me $250 to have a 60-pound shepherd fixed. Thank God for Carecredit. It needs to be affordable. We need to look at home for help, not another law.

Shelley Johnson

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