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Letters to the Editor

Wild horse roundup is part of plan for extinction

The roundup of our wild horses at Fish Creek HMA is illegal because the BLM Director Pendley was not the legal director and his orders therefore are not legal. This removal of so-called excess wild horses must be stopped immediately.

Only approximately 105 wild horses are to be left and this is not a genetically viable number. Also 30 mares are to be given PZP to sterilize them. This is a plan for extinction and is against the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act and this atrocity must be stopped now.

Barbara Warner

We can’t always separate emotion from reason

All mammals have a level of feelings and maybe because humans also have a greater ability to reason more than other mammals, we have the ability to personally justify those feelings even in the face of strong evidence that contradicts those feelings.

It’s nearly impossible for humans to honestly separate reason from feelings and many humans aren’t even aware that much, if not most, of their lives are conflated and can sometimes work against an individual’s best interest. Feelings are important in all our lives as well as a society’s but can be detrimental to an individual as well as a society without truthful honest reasoning.

There have been some people that have risen to positions of leadership that had the ability to separate reason and feelings at crucial times when critical decisions needed to made, but they are few. Margret Thatcher seemed to be one of these people. Some of her quotes include: “People don’t think anymore. They feel. (saying things like) I’m uncomfortable; I’m sorry, we as a group were feeling….. Do you know that one of the greatest problems of our age is that we are governed by people that care more about feelings than they do about thoughts and ideas”. She also said speaking to a young woman in politics; “It used to be about trying to do something, now it’s about trying to be someone”.

Those statements can easily apply today too. Think about the announced appointments of the “new” (?) incoming administration’s accomplishments and abilities seem to have become an afterthought compared to the importance of if you belong to a favored group or not. If you are part of a favored group you get extra credit toward a position, if you are not you get demerits unless you can make a convincing enough ‘Mea culpa’ to the favored groups. What can possibly go wrong with this thinking?

David Jaronik

It’s not easy to see your candidate lose but move on

Ms. Riney wrote, “There is truly no doubt in anyone’s mind that they (the Democrats) stole the election.” Ms Riney is wrong because Trump did not produce one shred of evidence that showed voter fraud; despite the fact that he and his lawyers filed lawsuits approximately 40 times in courts, some presided over with Republican judges. In fact, all of Trump’s petitions were dismissed for lack of evidence. Not even our supreme court, filled with Republican judges, three of them appointed by Trump, would hear the cases filed by Trump and the Republicans. Again, no evidence of fraud was ever presented to the courts.

I followed the polls daily for one month before the election, and they had Biden highly favored to win. So, it wasn’t any surprise to many of us that Biden won.

Trump did some things that were good, like pushing all out for an early vaccine to COVID-19. However, he also did some things that were not good, like pardoning convicted killers of a 9-year-old child in Iraq.

I know it is not easy to see your candidate lose. We Democrats had to endure eight years of George W. Bush and four of Trump. But, I firmly believe that regardless of how we feel after each election, we must and should maintain our free and democratic constitutional privilege of our citizens to select at the ballot box the people who govern us. Many have died for this sacred privilege. Those who advocate abolishing this privilege by violence should be ashamed of themselves.

Jim Ferrell

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DAN SCHINHOFEN: The law of unintended consequences

Why aren’t we demanding that Emperor Sisolak hand back his power to our elected Representatives? Why haven’t our Representatives convened and taken back their authority to govern?

Letters to the Editor

Do we label it ‘propaganda,’ or is it ‘public relations’?


It recently struck me how little I have traveled or even gone out for an evening during the last 12 months. Usually, this time of year, I would be attending a trade show in California, planning a couple of weekend getaway trips, and dreaming of going to Europe for a week.

Letters to the Editor

Out-of-town reader supportive of Pahrump after reading local news

Letters to the Editor

Many double standards prevail in political circles

TIM BURKE: First Amendment rights in danger on major social media platforms

Freedom of expression is one of our most cherished rights. Over the weekend, the conservative social media platform, Parler, headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, was shut down when Amazon turned off the web services that hosted the platform.

DAN SCHINHOFEN: Open Letter to Nevada House Delegation

To the honorable Representatives of our State. I am taking a moment to write and plead with you to act in the best interest of America rather than your political party. I heard Speaker Pelosi say, on 60 minutes, that one reason to impeach President Trump was so that he could never run again. While your Party has been talking about election interference since 2016 and spent 40 million dollars of our money to investigate “Russian Collusion”, no collusion was found.

Letters to the Editor

Resident disputes timing of trash disposal rate increase

DEBRA J. SAUNDERS: How to start a civil war

President Donald Trump’s supporters didn’t think through what would have happened if they’d succeeded in overturning the legitimate 2020 election.