Letters to the Editor

Sheriff’s Office needs our support, respect

Local law enforcement needs your support. They are understaffed, underfunded, under-respected and underpaid. The NYE County Commission needs to step up and fund the Sheriff’s Office.

I am not a sheriff, friend or relative of anyone of local law enforcement but I am an 11-year resident of Pahrump. The commissioners need to go on ride-alongs, stop making excuses, appropriate funding, look at response times and above all, giving citizens a feeling of safety. You can change the Sheriff, Fire Chief and DA as much as you want but if your emergency services in general are not adequate, the citizens you represent suffer for it. A little TRIVIA, why was Calvada roadway off 160 paved suddenly after years of disrepair?

Frank Furcini

Neglect and abuse of horses in Nye County

Is it a prestigious status or a class level to say you own horses? All I know is over half of the horse owners in Nye County should be subjected to the treatment they force their horses to endure.

There are numerous abusive situations throughout Pahrump. These poor glorious animals are jailed in these 8-foot-by-8-foot or 10-foot-by-10-foot little pens all day. They are sentenced to a life of strictly standing day after day, week after week and so on. Their owners do their due diligence in watering and feeding every day (hopefully), but are they cared for? It is so sad to see these beautiful creatures with the dirt piled on their backs staring into oblivion.

It’s obvious they are never brushed, let alone a bath! Never exercised or ridden. How is it that a horse owner can feed every day and not notice that the poor animal is suffering?

There fails to be a requirement in Nye County as there is in Clark County to provide shade for them. They are subjected to stand in their pen through 110-plus heat, 40-50 mph winds, rain and the minimal snow/hail we incur without any relief or protection. In Clark County if a satisfactory amount of shade is not supplied, the horses are removed from the premises. We need to comply with those same standards.

These owners are guilty of abuse and they should be held accountable. If they can’t handle the responsibility they should not be allowed to own these wonderful animals.

Please help in correcting this situation by writing your congressman and start a bill that will make it mandatory in Nye County to provide shade and protection for all horses.

K. Patterson

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