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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Storage site unsafe in spite of DOE assurances

So! The U.S. Department of Energy wants to store weapons-grade plutonium at the Nevada National Security Site. Are you kidding me??? Why don’t they put it in the WIPP site (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) in Carlsbad, New Mexico, www.wipp.energy.gov , that’s what the place was built for in 1999, to store weapons-grade plutonium along with any other fun thing the DOE may have.

“Ho, you say! The place may not be safe!” But they only had one nuclear waste explosion in its history. That was in February 2014 on Valentine’s Day. It was the most expensive multi-billion dollar cleanup in America’s history – it cost more than Three Mile Island accident to clean this one up.

How did this happen you ask? Well someone put kitty litter in a container with nuclear waste and the chemical reaction made for a big BOOM… that’s right, kitty litter.

When the DOE says this plutonium is safe they are full of droppings from a male cow, the WIPP site has proven that. Check out the WIPP website and see how the DOE has sugarcoated all this.

Ronnie R. Kerns

We need able person to replace Hof on ballot

With days to the election and Mr. Hof out of the picture, we need a responsible person to step in and take action for the rights of our community and state.

We should recognize that our Lady Sheriff has done the job in our community and should turn her area over to another and take on the job of assemblywoman to protect the rights of business as well as the ordinary citizens in our district.

We should move ahead with a write-in ballot for this dedicated person.

Diane Brungard

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