Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Pahrump’s Pumpkin Days shows what a great community we live in

I enjoyed the article “Pumpkin Days attracts Thousands” in the October 26th paper. The accompanying photos were great. However, I searched in vain for mention of a unique feature of the Festival – the mini-pony and horse rides.

To see the smiles, excitement and wide-eyed awe of the gorgeous children and their happy parents, was heart-warming. Special accommodations were made to make sure all the children were safe and secure on the cart and horse rides.

I would like to credit DiAnna Johnson and her family and volunteers for three days of hard work transporting the horses, carts, and saddles. They spent up to 12 hours without breaks to ensure the horse and pony rides were available to all attendees.

I know DiAnna does this from the goodness of her heart, and should be commended for adding so much to the wonderful Pumpkin Days activities. The festival demonstrates once again what a wonderful community we have in Pahrump, and why it’s such a great place to live and raise families.

Patty Vinikow

Pahrump Valley Times lambasted for ‘terrible’ Dennis Hof headline

The headline on Oct. 24, 2018 brought shame upon the Pahrump Valley Times.

Most of us are aware that Mr. Hof passed away this week. The use of the words “dead man” showed little concern for a man who helped organizations in the valley survive. Close to his heart were the seniors at the senior center and the animal shelters in our town.

So, come on Times, don’t follow the rest, STAY on the high road.

Jim Gronemann

Reader wants to know about events happening in Pahrump in advance

Wonder why I always read about events after the fact. Found a place where Vegas events are shown, where are events for Pahrump listed?

I am sick of missing everything. It is probably right there. I read this paper all the time. Still need a big area for events, why not?? Tout what we have.

We have so much going on. Put a big events area every Thursday, right on front page. Tell us what is available. Then I can shout at people when they say, nothing to do here, Ha. Look on the front page of the newspaper!! I love Pahrump Valley!!

Natalie Signor

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