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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Pahrump has its own hometown heroes

What is a hometown hero you ask? To me, that is a person who comes to the aid of another without regard to self.

Once again I want to thank our hometown heroes who came to the aid of one of our own organizations in need. The U-turn for Christ, freedom from addiction, men’s ranch right here in Pahrump had our third annual golf tournament fundraiser at Mountain Falls Golf Club on October 9th and once again it was a huge success.

I personally want to give thanks to people like State Assemblyman James Oscarson, Dr. Taylor at Affiliated Chiropractic and his team, and Don at Saitta/Trudeau Dodge and his team, Tony at Nevada Realty and his gang, Mike at Pahrump Valley Properties and his guys, Secret Sisters and of course Lisa Bond Real Estate, Pahrump Life Magazine, Pahrump Family Dental, Allen, store manager at Walmart, Debbie at Terrible’s Roadhouse, Dee and Jack Trimble, Home Depot, Bill out at Front Sight, Elite Golf, Sandy Haldeman (our Humana rep), Phantom Fireworks, Las Vegas Golf and Tennis, and Remnant Ministries.

Also South Point, Robby at Master at Arms, Jeremy at the Nugget, Anytime Fitness, DJ at Quality Signs and Banners, Valley Electric Association and of course Vern at PV Times. The list goes on and on.

These are our hometown heroes and the success of this organization depends on good folks like these. Also, my heartfelt thanks out to all of the players and volunteers who attended. We were also blessed to have Ginger sing our national anthem. Wow, she knocked it out of the park. To all involved, I give my thanks! I hope and pray that we will have future success in this community. God Bless.

Gary Bennett

co-tournament director with Isaac Shook

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