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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Is American Christianity right-wing Republicans?

I’m an agnostic, but I try to keep a close eye on Christianity and what its adherents are doing in America today. After all, they are the majority religion, and the party many of them call their own is in power.

Reading the Gospels, among the most prominent characters one hears about are the Pharisees and Sadducees. These were the guys who read and knew their scriptures well, they went to synagogue every Saturday, and they worked hard to make sure they lived in a godly nation. And yet, Jesus doesn’t have much of anything good to say about these “people of God.” And at best they only gave Jesus lip service. They were much more interested in politics, in a worldly political messiah who would come and rescue them. Only a handful ever actually followed Jesus.

When I survey the religious landscape of American Christianity today I see something that isn’t too unlike what I read about in the Gospels. There are Christians who read and know the Bible well, they go to church every Sunday, and they work hard to make sure we live in a godly nation. But I can’t help but think that Jesus wouldn’t have any nicer things to say about American Christians than he did of those “people of God” back in his own day. Again, only a few seem to actually follow him.

What happened to American Christians? If I recall correctly, shouldn’t Christians best be known for their Christ-like love for others, but they are better known today for being the right-wing of the Republican Party, their stances on political issues, and for zealously electing politicians who label themselves “Christian” even as they make mockery of everything the Bible supposedly stands for. Being known for their abundant love for others is rare.

From what I’ve read in history books, the project of those religious folks to make Judea great again ultimately ended with a Roman army burning their temple down, with their dreams along with it.

And according to the gospel stories, even Jesus thought their obliteration just. If American Christians imitate the “people of God” of Jesus’ day can they honestly expect anything different coming for them today? Wouldn’t Jesus, if he were here, think the decimation of American Christianity just as just? I think he would.

Thomas Rasmussen

New resident impressed with friendliness of Pahrump community

I am a new resident to Pahrump and was completely surprised by the friendliness and willingness to help of Pahrump residents.

I was offered two rides from perfect strangers. One was a lady in a big white truck, the other was Rowena and her husband.

No matter where I have lived – Sacramento, Laughlin, Las Vegas, San Diego – never has this happened. I would like to thank them since I believe this to be a good omen. I’m sure I’ll be happy here.

Stella Marteness

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