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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

A tutorial on how to

maneuver roundabouts

When NDOT first recommended roundabouts for Pahrump, we had MANY opponents with horror stories about what they predicted would certainly happen. As much as I tried to assure them that roundabouts are very safe and, in the long run, much cheaper than traffic lights, they continued to send the letters to the editors and complaints to the commissioners with gloom and doom.

During my 10 years in Europe, I navigated the roundabouts in several countries for 10 years and never saw an accident because drivers practiced “common courtesy.”

Now that the Pahrump roundabouts are completed on Highway 372 at Blagg Road and also at Pahrump Valley Boulevard, I don’t hear the complaints anymore. Actually, now I hear how great they are. I’m NOT a person who likes to gloat and say, “I told you so” but … I told you so. 🙂

So, now we need to ensure that the drivers in Pahrump understand how to maneuver through the roundabouts. Here goes my attempt at providing educational tips from my 10 years of experience AND my observations of drivers making mistakes in the roundabouts here in Pahrump.

I still see drivers on Highway 372 stopping at the YIELD sign when there is NO traffic in the roundabout. I also see drivers ignoring vehicles already in the roundabout as they ignore the YIELD signs.

1. Remember that courtesy is contagious. Try it.

2. When entering the circle, remember that there is a YIELD sign as you approach the circle. It is NOT a “speed up to beat the guy already in the circle” sign. You MUST yield to any traffic already IN the circle. If there is NO traffic in the circle, you should continue. Remember, it’s a YIELD sign, NOT a STOP sign.

3. All vehicles already IN the circle have the right of way.

4. When exiting the circle, use your RIGHT turn signal to let others behind you or those entering the circle know of your intent to exit the circle.

If these tips are followed on BOTH roundabouts, Pahrump will avoid accidents and reduce driver frustrations at the roundabouts.

Now, go out and enjoy the roundabouts that keep the traffic flowing safely. So, Happy New Year and Happy Driving.

Dr. Tom Waters

Thank you to our

local paramedics

My husband was admitted to Desert View Hospital on January 7th. He was diagnosed with pneumonia and it was necessary for him to be transferred to a Las Vegas hospital the next day.

Even though it had not rained here in several days, it was pouring rain at the time and our Mercy Air Helicopters were grounded because of the weather. As a result, my husband needed to be transferred to Las Vegas via a ground ambulance.

I cannot say enough good things about this team of paramedics. Even though my husband was very sick, they showed a high level of care and kept my husband comfortable on this trip.

Because of the rain, Rt. 160 was very dangerous to travel and they advised me to wait until the next morning to make the trip. When they got to the Las Vegas hospital, one of the paramedics even took the time to call me just to let me know that my husband was comfortable and doing okay. Because I couldn’t be there, that phone call meant everything to me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to our paramedics – you do a great job!

Judy Grace

Fire victim thanks

community for generosity

I am Lorraine Ferringo. My family’s house burned on Wednesday.

This community has shown us so much support, we just can’t express how grateful we are or how much we appreciate it.

People like the animal control worker who went to Family Dollar to buy slippers for my husband and me because we were barefoot when we left the house. The friend who, hearing that our wallets were still in the house, gave us an envelope of cash to tide us over. The wonderful people who brought us clothes, food (including dog and cat food), linens, and so much more. Those who have offered other items if we need them. John at the Pet Food Depot who added so much extra to our purchase there. Nye County Flood Response who has put us into emergency housing. The fire department and sheriff’s office personnel who were tireless in fighting the fire and protecting everyone during those frightening hours. The businesses who stepped up to offer water trucks to help.

Honestly, the list seems endless and I must be missing some wonderful people who helped us. Thank you to each and every one that helped us. Even if you weren’t mentioned, please be sure we are grateful to you too.

There is one cat unaccounted for – a Siamese named Puddin’. She was put out of the house, went back in, was removed again, and in the confusion, we aren’t certain whether she was inside or outside. She should be wearing her collar and an ID tag and we adopted her from the local shelter so she was chipped. I would be so grateful if anyone sees a cat that might be her would call me at 702-355-2104.

Lorraine and Richard Ferringo

Barbara Duran

Why the stock market is continuing to go higher

If you ask 10 people this question you will likely get 10 different answers. I believe the market is going higher because of Trump’s policy of fiscal irresponsibility. We are almost guaranteed by his new tax law which causes accelerated deficit financing of our national budget that hard assets will have a greater dollar value in the future. Overall, I would sum up our problem like this: the billionaires will not pay their fair share of taxes. The military/industrial pigs will not leave their troughs. The socialists will not give up entitlements. Our government has failed us, mainly because there can be no compromise.

Investors the world over, in my opinion, have come to realize that our dollar can only get cheaper because of irresponsible fiscal leadership. Land, oil, utilities, timber, gold, semi-precious metals, and water-related industries will very likely continue to go higher and the stock market has many companies listed which own these hard assets. For example, I believe Carl Icahn, a highly-respected Wall Street billionaire, fully recognizes this situation and has decided that he would rather own hard assets instead of dollars which can only get cheaper.

Opinions expressed herein, and in my previous article “Bet on more Inflation” are mine and do not represent advice on any kind of investment. However, there are many professional sources which can be consulted on financial investments, and anyone interested is advised to consult at least one of them.

Jim Ferrell

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