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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Pahrump rider thankful for RSVP volunteers

Thank you for the article about RSVP on March 18, 2018. They are the “unsung heroes” of our community. I cannot find adequate, or enough praise for this most valuable organization.

For the better part of seven years they have transported me safely and lovingly to whatever errand needed: grocery shopping, medical appointments, veterinarian, hair salon, even to Las Vegas for eye surgery.

Without RSVP, I’d have been up the proverbial “creek without a paddle”. Ten –plus years ago my husband ascended, and since I was no longer driving due to the vision, the car went to the daughter. Now that really produced a challenge as we didn’t have the new bus service (but that doesn’t solve all the needs).

So please, riders/clients of RSVP, please donate some amount (they don’t suggest any amount) to help keep RSVP thriving and driving here in Pahrump. They are good drivers too.

Many thanks and hugs to volunteers, especially J.M. and S.C.

A grateful rider,

Gera Milner

Framer turns the ordinary into the spectacular

I would like to bring it to the attention of everyone in Pahrump, Nevada that we are blessed to have a truly spectacular artist among us. I stumbled on them quite by chance when looking for someone to frame a picture for me. I have become friends with this man and he is for sure a very talented person. He took a quite ordinary picture and frame that I had made and turned it into a work of art. The man is a true genius with his hands. He is struggling to make a go of it where he is at.

My hope by sending this letter to the editor is that people in Pahrump will realize how lucky we are to have this man among us. So one day while you are out and about, please visit him at 401 South Frontage Road, #4. His name is Floyd and he will be more than happy to sit and visit with you and show you what he does.

Don’t go into the shop and expect it to be cheap, custom framing is not cheap but he is cheaper by 30 to 40 percent than Las Vegas.

Thank you for your time and please visit Floyd, you will be amazed.

Stacy Riney

Prostitution is better when regulated and taxed

I am a Pahrump, Nevada, Nye County resident, and a senior citizen. I am very glad that prostitution is legal, taxed, and health checked in this and other counties in Nevada.

When we visit Las Vegas, we witness “working girls” everywhere. Clark County suffers from pimps, human trafficking, drug addiction, and in cases, beaten or killed girls. Every day and night these girls are subjected to dangers or death. This is in a county where prostituting is illegal!! If it WAS legal, maybe monies collected could pay for the sports arena instead of hotel room taxes.

Women should have the choice in selecting this occupation. I thought we were all for women’s right to choose! In counties where it is legal they are licensed, taxed and business conducted in a safe, protected environment. Drug use is a reason for dismissal.

Prostitution has been around for eons and even in the Bible there are references to “temple prostitutes.” Please do not drive prostitution underground, unregulated and dangerous in Nye and other counties in Nevada.

Kathryn Erbe

Streetwalkers, no – brothels, yes, says reader

Brothels donate to the towns, the girls pay taxes, are not on food stamps or welfare. We do not have streetwalkers, the brothels are a safe place for the ladies.

You knew when you moved here that they were here. If you do not like them, move.

What did they do to you? Why do you not like them?

I am an 86-year-old woman and I say leave them alone. If you get rid of the brothels we will have the streetwalkers and the ones in the bars like Vegas and other towns – I do not like that. You must like streetwalkers, otherwise why would you want to vote the brothels gone.

Phyllis Hogadone

Thank you for successful talent show fundraiser

Tails of Nye County, Inc. would like to thank Teri and Don Rogers of Twilight Productions and their talented group of entertainers for putting on a very successful talent show fundraiser for our 501(c)3 spay and neuter charity. Also thank you to the generous supporters that bought show and drawing tickets. Without you, we could not continue our mission to spay and neuter Pahrump’s dogs and cats.

Our heartfelt thanks to the following businesses and individuals that provided drawing prizes and sale items for this event: Denyce Khoury at Aqua A Salon; Debbie Dahlman at Shear Talent Salon; Leslie Anderson; Posh Beauty Products; Tractor Supply; Carol Woodrow; Laurie Lawdensky; Beverly Hembree; and Sabre Sabatino.

A huge thank you to Cathy Tillett, marketing manager, Golden Entertainment; and Vicky Hilling, banquet sales manager, Pahrump Nugget and their staff for providing a beautiful venue and a delicious meal.

And last, but not least, thank you to all the volunteers who continue to help make these events fun and successful.

To learn more about Tails of Nye County, please like us on Facebook and visit our website at www.tailsofnyecounty.com

Nancy Guin

volunteer, Tails of Nye County

Trash along highway on way to dump is a mess

I live in the north end of Pahrump, just off Highway 160, so I travel most of Highway 160 when I drive to Las Vegas. As I drive, I pass the road to the dump frequently. Along the way I see trash, trash in trash bags, trash containers, construction trash, and real objects that are traffic hazards. Most of this is NOT the fault of C&S Waste Solutions transporting their loads of garbage to the dump. It’s from private citizens and contractors going to the dump. I believe that some intentionally throw their trash out of their cars or trucks so they won’t have to pay for trash pick-up or too lazy to go to the FREE dump. Many are too lazy to cover their loads. That is required by transportation laws. This includes high-railed (walled) truck beds and trailers. Thus the wind blows or sucks the trash out of the car, truck, or trailer out and onto the road. It’s not only dangerous, but it creates an environmental MESS!! Plastic and trash do not break down in the desert, people!!!!

Now, I see the MANY law enforcement units giving out the tons of violations for speeding and other driving mistakes by the day and even by the minute. Why are they not stopping and giving tickets for unsecured and dangerous loads? I have never seen law enforcement do that since the five years that I’ve lived here in Pahrump. Is it too much work for them to write tickets for this violation? I think it’s about time for law enforcement to do their COMPLETE job of protecting all of us citizens who travel the roads of our town. Are they too good to stop and check trash for the address of the violators? They need to get off their butts and do their complete job of protecting the citizens who travel our roads, not just write tickets for SPEEDING! It would help to keep Pahrump clean AND safe.

Donald Schieber

‘Friends’ lives on in magazine program

The Friends of the Library may have disbanded, but our magazine program is still very active. I am still delivering large-print Reader’s Digests to Pahrump Health and Rehab and Honey Bee.

I also deliver somewhere between 15 and 20 magazines monthly to both the aforementioned facilities and Desert View Hospital, and will continue to do so until our Reader’s Digest subscriptions run out at the end of 2019, or people stop donating magazines to me.

I truly believe that reading enhances one’s life and I intend to help out our elderly and ill citizens in Pahrump for as long as I can.

Helene Campton

Former secretary of Friends of the Library

Reader thankful for compassion of sheriff’s office

Thank you very much Nye County Sheriff’s Office and Public Administrator for your kind words on the death of my sister.

Officer Bissell and his instructor were both kind and respectful as I was in shock and distraught after I found her but his calm demeanor helped me through this distressing time. Everyone’s kind words and understanding got me through it.

God bless you all and thank you. I am greatly impressed. Sheriff Sharon Wehrly should be proud!

Paul Heitman

Life is better and easier if you have a plan

It has come to my attention, again, that many people have a perpetual aversion to the “Water Plan”. This opinion in itself perplexes me to my roots. I wonder what people have against a water plan. Do people hold resentment against water or do they hold resentment against a plan? I am not sure of either. But I am sure of at least one thing, and that is that the lack of a water plan has caused the devastating dilemma of water issues here in Pahrump Valley.

If people have an issue with water then don’t use it. You don’t have to bathe, drink, wash your clothes, wash your car, add water to your radiator, make ice, irrigate plants/garden or put water in your swimming pool. As a matter of fact, the 1 percent wish you would adhere to this philosophy so more water is available for growth, so more houses can grow here.

If people have an issue with a plan, then let me help you understand planning.

First, this fine country was devised with a plan that was written down and labeled, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, etc. If you don’t like this plan that our forefathers devised, then move to where people live with no plan or one of minimal consequence. There are plenty of countries in the world where plans don’t exist and the consequences are misery, starvation, famine, tyranny, poverty, disease and death.

Secondly, if you are an entrepreneur and require start-up capital, no one will listen to you and respect you request for money without you delivering a business plan.

Thirdly, the people who have risen from rags to riches are truly prime examples of persons who followed a plan. Successful people follow a plan.

And lastly, for the people who believe no plan is required, well, we can observe them everywhere poverty and ignorance exist.

I don’t want anyone reading this letter to think I dislike people who live with no plan. To the contrary, some of my closest friends live with no plan. But for me and mine, I prefer a plan-driven life. With a plan, things just seem to work out better.

One more thing, if you live with no plan don’t worry, you still have a chance to be successful. Make a plan to buy a lottery ticket.

Planning is a desirable human activity for purposes of accomplishment and security in life. Sometimes plans do change and adjustments must be made but the integrity of the plan goes on to fruition.

In ending, if you don’t like the water plan, then change the plan for best results.

Greg Dann

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