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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Reader disagrees with columnist on Social Security

Thomas Knapp, in my opinion, is in error, and why, is that I am a baby boomer and I have been earning an income since I was a lad delivering the newspaper in Glendale, Arizona. I have always been employed and I am a veteran from the U.S Navy, have put into the Social Security my whole life so those funds in the Social Security are mine not the U.S. government’s to use as they deem necessary. They have taken this money but have never reimbursed what they took. The government has depleted the monies in the Social Security system and so it is not the baby boomers as the cause for the funds not being available past 2035. Also, the workers now have been putting into Social Security every pay period and that money is going in and it should be there when they are entitled to draw their money they worked for as long as the government pays back what they took.

Another way to stop the loss of monies available is for the workers to put in 2 to 3 percent more into Social Security, then more will be available or every employee in the USA to stop payments to Social Security and have all those monies put into a 401K and then the government can’t take it when they want some easy money!

D.J. Bellemore

Roundabouts not that hard for motorists to figure out

I just don’t understand why people cannot use common sense going through a roundabout.

On Thursday, about 3:30 p.m., I was clear to go from west to east at the Blagg roundabout. As I continued, I saw a white car heading north on Blagg entering the roundabout and he kept going. Had I not been paying attention, he would have had Saturn plastered all over the side of his car. I was already in the roundabout.

I stopped and let the idiot go to avoid any terrible damage to our vehicles. I blew my horn and he never even looked at me.

If you approach the roundabout and a vehicle is in it …. STOP! The vehicle in the roundabout has the RIGHT OF WAY! Wait until it is clear, then proceed. It’s not hard to understand, people.

If you are going through and turning to the left or right, use your TURN SIGNAL, so the approaching vehicles know where you’re going. I’ve had so many close calls due to people not paying attention. Let’s get with the program!

It just upsets me to know what could’ve happened, had I not had my head on straight. No, it wasn’t an out-of-state plate, it was a Nevada plate.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to drive through a roundabout!

Jim Cornell

A safety net for brothel personnel needs attention

As a Christian, I believe prostitution is a sin but banning brothels without a safety net provision for those employed there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

How will these women provide for themselves and their families? Will they be endangered by being pimped out? Will that be in Nye County or will they gravitate to Las Vegas? What alternatives can we put in place to assist them transitioning to a healthy and safe lifestyle? Is that even possible?

I just know that unleashing these women to an unknown, possibly dangerous fate doesn’t ease my conscience.

Kristie Hanson

Some dogs in stores are pets, not service dogs

Over the past few years, I have noticed a substantial increase in the number of dogs in the grocery stores. I can understand the need for a true service dog to be present. However, it is obvious to the observer that the majority of these pets are just that – pets – not service animals.

I was in Walmart last month and three medium-sized dogs were huddled together at the checkout and started barking. It echoed throughout the store. Last week we were in Walmart Subway and a couple had their small dog sitting in the seat, head on the table.

I noticed that Albertson’s has a notice posted in their entrance that non-service animals are prohibited. Hooray for Albertson’s for taking a stand! Are people so afraid of public opinion that they are afraid to implement company policy? What happened to health standards? What has happened to old-fashioned courtesy? Surely the majority of adults can go to the grocery store or restaurants for a short time without taking their dogs. I’m just waiting for the report that someone has suffered a dog bite and the store is involved in a lawsuit.

It’s National Stuttering Awareness Week

National Stuttering Awareness Week begins May 7, 2018. Did you know more than three million Americans stutter? That’s more than the populations of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, and Washington, D.C. … combined.

One percent of your readers stutter, and up to five percent of children stutter for a time during their early developmental years.

In the spirit of spreading awareness, the most important thing you and your readers can do for someone who stutters – or for anyone you are speaking with – is listen. Listen to what they have to say rather than how they say it.

For more information, visit our website: StutteringHelp.org

Jane Fraser

President, The Stuttering Foundation

Memphis, Tennessee

Resident helping to clean up Pahrump

This is in response to recent letters to the editor concerning trash. Now, we all know there is a trash problem in here in Pahrump. There are many contributing factors causing it. Trash lines our roads, properties, and is scattered throughout our beautiful desert.

So who do we blame for all this trash? It’s always someone else’s problem and responsibility, right? Wrong! My philosophy is if you want change, then BE THE CHANGE!

Therefore, a few months ago I created a Facebook group called “Clean UP Pahrump”.

Every week I post ahead of time where we will be, map out a location, and spend one hour picking up trash, ranging from empty boxes to dirty diapers and used sanitary products. I personally find this trash not only disgusting but a public health hazard. However, I refuse to simply complain. Complaining never solved anything, it simply adds to the problem.

Unfortunately, I will be having surgery later this month and I will be out of commission until late July. However, through my recent efforts, I have met some wonderful folks who share my sentiments and want to make a positive change for our community of Pahrump. They will continue with the one-hour weekly trash pick-up initiative.

I would greatly encourage folks to join our efforts, spare one hour a week, and do something good for our community. If we all do a little we can get a lot done! Please consider joining our Facebook group and help “Clean UP Pahrump.”

Faith M. Muello

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