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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Email address correction for letter

In a letter written by Karen Duryea, published in the Jan. 15 Pahrump Valley Times, the email address was incorrect. In the letter the email address the writer provided was cut off and continued on the next line in the column, putting in a hyphen that did not belong. The PV Times regrets the error. The correct email address is pahrumpboard@gmail.com

Music lovers in Pahrump are luckier than they realize

I have lived off and on in Pahrump since 2002. I have been in almost every establishment that serves adult beverages and has dancing and live music. I am amazed at how much pure talent there is in this small community. Dean West for one is exceptional at what he does and his music is my type and style, being born and raised on a farm/ranch in western Kansas. I am 83 years young and still have fire in the furnace, as us older people say and think.

So in search of entertainment the other day, Sunday to be exact, I ventured into a small bar and grill on Bell Vista, the last one on the right as you are going to Death Valley, and was overwhelmed by the young man that sat there and played his heart out for the few people who were present.

His name is Jeffrey Michaels and he does his music in a fashion that is so entertaining and engaging that I was drawn into his world for four hours of my life and I enjoyed it so much that I just had to sit down and write this letter. If you are ever afforded the opportunity to hear this person display his talents you will be well rewarded. He writes and sings his own music and has played with people like Buck Owens, Dwight Yokum and the like. He had a tip jar sitting there which I and a few others gladly contributed to. He came from the hills of Appalachia and told of his roots.

So please support this type of talent when you can.

Stacy Riney

Reader hopes that impeachment trial will be brief

It seems the House trial couldn’t come up with enough anti-Trump charges to give to the Senate to remove our president, so now they want to tell the Senate how to do its job to remove Donald Trump.

If any of you watched the proceedings it was, in my opinion, as an outrageous spoiled child, like actions that 6-to 8-year-old children use to try to get around their parents’ restrictions, accusing senators and the chief justice of not conducting the trial fairly the way the House wants.

Thankfully, they did not prevail and hopefully this trial will be short and not use up time and taxpayers’ monies like the Mueller investigation and House trial for the president’s removal.

Hopefully, come November the working people of our country will reaffirm the 2016 election choice again.

Henry Hurlbut

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President Trump to hold rally in Las Vegas next week

President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally in the Las Vegas Convention Center at noon Friday — one day before the Nevada Democratic caucuses.

Don’t let Trump’s budget proposal distract you from the real spenders

As a political junkie, I get lots of email pleas from politicians and political advocacy groups. Today, I got one from U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Well, not exactly. That’s what the “from” header said, but the message was signed “Team AOC” and delivered via Daily Kos.

Tim Burke: Illegal dumping shows lazy, inconsiderate attitude

The used and broken sofa appeared alongside the roadway overnight. Laying on its side, it was just a few feet from the shoulder of the paved two-lane rural road. At first glance, you may have thought that it might have fallen off a truck by accident, but a longer look showed that it wasn’t alone, there were a couple of plants and other trash next to it.

TIM BURKE: Time to return government control to local jurisdiction

Once upon a time, normal everyday citizens had access to their senators and congresspersons. You could call one of these elected officials and actually get to talk to them. Even better, you could stop by their office and see them face to face and have an opportunity to discuss issues directly with them.

Thomas Knapp: Impeachment: The Problem with Biden Whataboutism

The main Democratic impeachment charge against president Donald Trump is simple: Trump attempted to pressure and/or bribe the president of Ukraine to investigate a political opponent (Joe Biden), House impeachment managers say, both for corrupt motives (to win re-election) and in violation of the law (by withholding congressionally appropriated aid).