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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Updated February 26, 2020 - 9:05 am

Bowling for heroes event was an overwhelming hit

To The Pahrump Valley Times:

As you know, on February 9th, I organized a bowling event for Wounded Warrior Project™ (WWP). It was an overwhelming success – raising $3,416! One of the main reasons? Tom Rysinski!

Tom wrote an article the week before the event that was so heartfelt and compassionate, it blew me away. It brought in so many people to the event and contributed to many online donations through my Facebook posting. The whole key is making people aware, and he did it.

Then he wrote an awesome follow-up, which was published on February 19th updating everyone on the event’s success and listed everyone that participated from business donations for our raffle and auction, and those personnel who made it all possible.

When I sent Tom an email thanking him for everything, he simply said he was just doing his job. No, he wasn’t just doing his job. He felt it. He felt why this is my passion and why we need to help wounded warriors who serve without question and ask nothing in return.

It is only with the generous support of individuals and businesses such as Tom and the Pahrump Valley Times that we are able to plan, organize, and carry out our event. Our event helped make it possible for WWP to fulfill their vision to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded warriors in our nation’s history.

Again, thank you for your participation in and support of this event. There are no words to truly express how grateful I am! God Bless.


Denise Flanagan


Maneuvering parking lots requires regard for others

The post office parking lot is not a speedway, it’s posted with a 5 mph sign, which makes you either illiterate or a newcomer to Pahrump.

So many new people have moved here and brought their bad habits with them. The very reason you came here was to get away from all the terrible problems that engulfed your previous town. Things like not stopping at stop signs, speeding, honking your horn and being impatient with more responsible drivers, following too close, the list goes on and on and has no place here.

The same for driving through Smith’s, Walmart and Albertsons parking lots – the pedestrian has the right of way, you need to slow down! (Just a note, when did YOU as a pedestrian stop looking both ways before walking into traffic?)

After you get checked out and leave the store, please walk on one side or the other and not down the middle of the area where cars are parked, that is where cars drive coming and going.

If you plan on living in Pahrump for any length of time please get a new attitude of respect for your neighbors and the people living here who love our town.

Caroll Zerkle

Following dreams and hard work are way to success

Folks we have a problem. It’s in D.C. No — it’s not the president.

It’s these rookie socialist wannabes who think they can solve all of our problems. And yet not one, not a one of the 23 who started cat fighting on stage have mentioned our biggest, most egregious problem.

Now, with only five or six left of these clowns left, Priestess Prevaricator Pelosi and her band of infidels never talks about our $22 trillion deficit…

Funnier is the fact that most of these socialists don’t have the expertise, experience and knowledge.

It takes a very skilled person with degrees in finance, money management, company ownership and common sense to be president of anything.

If you look at western Europe, like in America, most all higher paying jobs require a college degree, experience and years of internship in like or similar lines of work you prefer.

Our tremendous growth in American businesses has zero to do with socialism. The more we hand out free, the more dependent people are on government bailouts, government loans and government control.

I know this all too well. My dad worked in the post office for 30 years in upstate New York. He begged me to join when I got out of high school. I resisted vehemently. He wanted me to have job security for life. I get that. Instead, I spent my four years in the Air Force and got into radio/TV and cable broadcasting which I really, really loved. The smartest thing I did was “follow your dream — do what you truly love!”

Often I speak with young people and they say…”How did you do all these things … buy muscle cars, new homes in Hawaii, rentals in five states etc. etc. etc…The answer is the same. Dream big, think big and work like a dog helping others along the way.

Did I ever fail? You bet. Bad decisions? Indubitably. Real estate is usually an eight- to 10-year process.

In hot markets, you can sell fast, take profit. In slower ones, that doesn’t work. Pah-Trump is a very, very slow market. Patience is needed … with real estate choices!

Now back to the gist of gestapo Democratic Party. The sophism spewed by socialists running for office is convincing half the country to vote for this group of salvage socialists … .and toss in billionaires Bloomberg and Steyer and OMG —- chaos, dissention and failure for this failed party in Iowa was etched in stone!

Sorry if you hate the president. Sorry again if you hate his party … and one more sorry …. so so so sorry you just can’t get over Hillarys’ loss!

That’s no way to win …”being sorry.” That’s for losers. Are you a loser?

Dano Savino

Letter writer doubts validity of Google information

In “It’s always good to check your facts, not just agree,” a letter submitted by CJ Stevens, Feb. 14, we know what side of the fence CJ Stevens comes down on so I won’t argue political details, that’s a waste of time. But I do find it rather comical that CJ denigrates people who get their news from sources other than Google. You know, Google, that company that is already involved in ways to manipulate the November votes but of course has absolutely zero far-left-wing bias. CJ uses the phrase, “Google it,” four times in the letter, as if to footnote the various points, inferring that Google would make them more accurate.

I would suggest that CJ tune into the occasional business channel, pick up a financial newsletter or business magazine occasionally. You can actually read Investor’s Business Daily online, CJ. You might get an entirely different perspective than Google’s.

Here’s one more thing: you write, “sanctuary cities … do not let murderers and rapists go free.” You must’ve Googled this. No wonder you’re wrong. Did you know that Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal who was a previously-convicted felon that had been released? Read the text of the New Way Forward Act, a bill that is currently proposed in the House by Jesus Garcia, an Illinois representative and self-proclaimed socialist. Don’t Google it, CJ, go to the House website and enter H.R. 5383 and actually read the text of the bill. You will learn what the liberals hope to establish in terms of letting rapists and murderers re-enter and run free in our country.

You might also give some attention to a website found by putting “Trump Visits the Wall” in the search window for some accurate, factual, engineering information regarding the wall. In this report, you can actually see the engineers’ and scientists’ mouths moving and hear the words coming out. (Google was not in attendance.)

Notice, CJ, that I did not mention FOX News once as a source, although if I had, my arguments would be every bit as legitimate (maybe more so) as your “Google it.”

Linda DeLaMare

A president should display maturity and judgment

It’s been reported that House and Senate members are working on legislation to ensure Congress is kept informed about military deployments that have the potential to escalate into a major conflict. President Trump opposes this initiative and tweeted that a war powers resolution would undermine his authority as commander-in-chief. He also said it would show “weakness” to Iran or other adversaries.

That view is way out of sync. Keeping Congress informed is of course a presidential duty. And how that is accomplished is a matter of concern. There are protocols for handling communications between the White House and other government offices. At the very least, tweeting whatever crosses his mind is an unprofessional manner of expression for an American president. But with this incumbent we’ve come to expect nothing more.

Folks, playtime is almost over. Our government and our people will continue to be confronted by challenges that place huge demands on the maturity and judgment of any future president. America must have a leader whose character, commitment and depth of understanding can avoid wasting time and resources on trivial, or less that essential matters. We require a leader who will ensure proper focus on national security, effectively managing the economy, benefiting rather than dividing or marginalizing our citizens, and one who is able to administer foreign policy that can restore confidence among traditional allies.

It is true that whenever plans, programs or people, are no longer deemed effective, change may be necessary. Certainly, Donald Trump has shown no reluctance to discard anything or anyone who doesn’t suit his purpose. American voters ought to apply that same rule of thumb in every election cycle, from local to federal. Doing so can bring about change whenever it’s needed. And the D.C. swamp? Yes, even that could be drained in practically no time at all.

Ralph Bazan

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