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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Community thanked for veterans support

A huge thank you to the community of Pahrump for coming out and supporting the Veterans Food Bank lasagna dinner.

The Veterans Food Bank receives no taxpayer help. Their only source of income is donations from our community.

The Veterans Food Bank feeds 500 veterans and their families each month. We are the only food bank for veterans in the entire United States.

I am so thankful for this community and their support. We achieved our goal thanks to the cash donations and lasagna orders – it was a crazy two hours, but so worth it.

Thank you to the volunteers: Vi Morrissey, Linda DeMeo, and Shawna Lee – we could not have done this without all your help! Thank you to Joyce Sullivan for the donation of cookies and water, that was so thoughtful of you, and greatly appreciated.

Thank you Pahrump for your support! It’s a large undertaking, which we are thankful to be able to do.

Looking forward to doing it again in 2019,

Valerie Barton

Candidate disappointed in PV Times coverage

I’m writing to express my disappointment with the justice of the peace profile relating to myself published on Friday the 25th.

The profile that was published, in the final paragraph, omitted the fact I also have an Executive Juris Doctor (EJD) degree, which is in fact a doctorate in law degree. Thus the public will not know there are two candidates with legal training.

I believe this information was included during the phone interview conducted with your reporter, as well as, the information I shared with you weeks prior to that and subsequently forwarded to him. This omission seems to slant the election.

Warren Pawliuk

We need to recognize social misfits to end shootings

Some Democrats and Republicans have agreed on three measures that would greatly reduce school shootings.

The first measure is to install metal detectors on entrances to schools, while at the same time limiting the number of entrances.

The second measure would be to pass a law in all states, or one law at the federal level, that would require all gun owners with teenagers in the home to keep their guns locked up at secure locations in the homes while the guns are not in use lawfully.

Thirdly, education must address itself even more on how we can live and get along with each other without some of us resorting to violence.

Many of us hate to see our schools become more restricted by having security restrictions similar to those at our courts and airports.

We can argue all day among ourselves as to who is to blame for a more violent society, but we should not deny the truth.

A metal detector at the Santa Fe school in Texas would have set off an alarm and prevented Demitri, the shooter, from getting his guns inside the school.

Most responsible citizens who have teenagers in their homes would obey a law which required them to keep their guns from being used by others unless such use would be for a lawful engagement such as hunting. Such a law could be easily obeyed by just about all of us.

Demitri was an honor student, but also a loner. It was reported that one of his first victims was a young lady who has refused to make a date with him.

I believe just about all of us have been rejected by at least one person during our lives. It is never pleasant and even hurtful.

Those of us who are adults know that seldom is anyone a friend to everyone, especially if he/she decides to stand up an express their beliefs. Moreover, some young ladies need to learn how to say no without insulting the young men who pursue them. I remember well during basic training in the Army when we had the first inspection.

The lieutenant doing the inspection jumped all over our squad leader because some of the men were failing the inspection. His question, “are you going to let some of your men die in combat because you were negligent in having them properly prepared?” In my opinion, education cannot evade a similar responsibility. It needs to recognize the social misfits and develop curriculum that brings these misdirected youth into social acceptance. Finally, the bullies also should be held responsible for their cruelty.

May be a tall order, but I know we can fix it.

Jim Ferrell

Are there two sets of laws governing us?

If it walks, talks, and looks like a duck, it usually is!

I am personally embarrassed for the many good men and women who work in the Nye County Sheriff’s Office after the now well-known behavior of Sheriff Sharon “get yourself a shoulder holster” Wehrly.

Everyone has chimed in on this one way, or another, and it is a black eye to the county, making it the laughingstock of the country.

However, there is something that needs to be addressed here!

In any other instance, given the fact that this exact same thing has occurred before to my knowledge two other times in the last eight years, anyone else would have been charged with reckless endangerment, placing the public at risk!

The district attorney has been strangely quiet about this whole thing, yet refuses to do her job.

Enforcing the law is not discretionary, you do not do it when it’s is politically convenient.

So it leaves the average citizen believing there are two laws, one that affects them, and the other where you can do stupid things, but there are no legal consequences for their actions?

So I guess the next time anyone else leaves their gun where anyone can find it, they can raise the excuse, if the sheriff can do it and not be charged, why am I?

Robert A. Danford

More letters to editor

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would consider awarding that distinction to journalists such as the “award-winning journalist” Dennis Myers. His latest blatant lie is that Mr. Trump lost the popular vote by 6 million, when in fact it was slightly less than 2.9 million.

Sure, sure, I get it – Mr. Trump lost the popular vote, but facts be facts and those who can’t get them right are, well, liars.

Which brings me to Myers’ biggest lie, that Mr. Trump’s “appointment” to the presidency was due to an “anomaly.” As this purported anomaly is spelled out in the 12th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, maybe Myers’ First Amendment right to lie outright is also an anomaly. Funny how when Obama was “elected”, no one declared it an “appointment”.

I wish newspapers, and particularly the Pahrump Valley Times, would consider fact checking opinion writing and maybe even finding some real journalists who can argue with facts.

David Perlman

The real answer to the Pahrump trash issue

In response to Faith Muello’s letter on “if you want change then be the change” letter – what needs to change is the mentality that the town roads, desert, (and properties) are dumping grounds.

We have picked up bags of trash we see on roadsides as we know these will break apart and end up littering our desert (plus the plastic is hazardous to animals). Do township employees just drive by these?

Volunteering to help clean up is noble; however it doesn’t fix the problem. We’re sure once the mapped-out locations are cleaned up they have to be revisited for yet another cleanup.

There have been letters about citizens being given tickets for minor traffic violations, yet these code violations are ignored by law enforcement and our elected officials. How many properties do you see in town that violate the following? (Copied directly from the Nye County website.)

• Litter on private property: Dumpsters overflowing with garbage; illegal dumping of garbage; no trash pickup, etc.

• Construction codes: Construction, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and clearing and grading work without permits; abandoned and dangerous buildings.

• Home businesses: Businesses conducted in a residential property without a Home Occupation Permit. (Exemptions are home business without outside employees and no exterior indications of business being conducted).

• Junk vehicles: vehicles on public or private property that are inoperable (i.e. flat tires, extensive damage, missing major parts). Classic or collectable vehicles are exempt.

• Land use violations: Violations of zoning and development regulations (i.e. business located in a non-permitted zone, intrusions into required setbacks, keeping of non-permitted animals on property).

• Nuisances: Abandoned appliances, garbage, debris and junk, abandoned buildings, junk and abandoned vehicles, etc. on public or private property.

• Signs: all signs must be approved by the planning department. Temporary and a-board signs are permitted only in special circumstances for a limited period of time. No signs are permitted in county or state road rights of way and will be removed and destroyed without notice. Other sign violations are subject to removal at the owner’s expense.

There needs to be enforcement of existing codes. While the sheriff’s office is giving out many tickets to senior citizens for going over a few miles over the speed limit and for minor traffic violations (such as going through a yellow blinking arrow (personal experience!) and after this letter there’s a potential that we will receive another ridiculous ticket!! Dumps continue to exist all over our town, which is not only an embarrassment but a health hazard to the community, and possibly the children who reside in these “dumps”.

No concern from elected officials and lawmakers? The people who can actually MAKE A CHANGE??!!

Stephen and Kathleen Sanzari

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