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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Pahrump resident says thanks to first responders, local law enforcement

I would like to commend all of our local law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS technicians. Thank you for risking your lives for all of us who live in Pahrump.

Without your leadership, caring, and responsibility to be there when we call you, we would face a town of no order and chaos. Instead, seeing the sheriff at 6 a.m. on Tuesdays when I shop at Walmart leaves me feeling safe to shop. Thank you.

I have seen your patrols around town and know you are there to handle any disturbance. Please continue to protect us as you have done so well.

Again, to my fellow citizens, stay home. Let’s do our part to keep Pahrump safe in these unsettling times.

Betty Cotner

Politicians should keep personal opinions private while serving the public

In last Wednesday’s PVT, Mr. Ken Neitz wrote about “All Americans have the right to express their views”, and I find myself agreeing with some of what he wrote. However, I disagree with him on one point he made, that being about Mr. Blundo, Mrs. Strickland and Mr. Koenig.

The entire Nye County Commission does have the right to express their own opinions when they are acting as private citizens. But when it comes to their commission duties, meetings, attending functions as a county commissioner or in any way acting as a county commissioner, their private opinion needs to be put to the side when representing ALL the people of the Nye County, because, their personal opinion does not matter. The business of ALL the residents matter, not just what matters to a select view so they can get votes for their upcoming elections.

And that should have been pointed out to them by the county manager and the county lawyers before the meeting and before placing that agenda item, yet neither of them did their jobs. Many of the current county commissioners use to come before the Town Board and voice the same concerns as I am doing right here.

Do you think if the Town Board had placed an agenda item for or in favor of Presidents Clinton, Bush or Obama, there wouldn’t have been comments just like the ones I am making here? You bet there would have been! And on top of that, the members of the Town Board would have been screamed at and threatened with recall notices and ethic complaints being filed (which happened often by the way) and from some of the current county commissioners.

Mr. Neitz’s comment about veterans is correct, but keep in mind if you will, not one of the current commissioners has ever served this great country of ours in uniform or by picking up a weapon to defend it, or had to write their own last will and testament at 18 or signed on the dotted line to give everything up to and including their lives for this country.

So, Nye County commissioners, start acting like county commissioners and stop your political grandstanding. The residents of Nye County are watching what you’re doing and saying.

Bill Dolan

Past Town Board member

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