Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Devoted veterinarian is retiring after 30 years of service in Pahrump area

Pahrump pet owners: after 30 years of devoted travel to Pahrump every single month, Dr. Dudley Pflaum has retired from doing his low-cost vaccine clinics.

If you appreciated his service and would like to give a personal thank you, Ron and Patty at Shadow Mountain Feed store at the corner of Leslie and Bell Vista avenues, will be collecting thank you notes and cards and will deliver to Dr. Pflaum.

His devotion and care of our animals has been so appreciated. Let’s say thanks in a big way!

Barbara Woosley

Resident thankful brothel petition agenda defeated in Nye County

Congratulations Nye County people for using your freedom of choice by NOT voting for brothel prohibition by not signing the petitions. You have chosen wisely. Unlike the Lyon County commissioners, ours did not vote to put the brothel agenda on the coming ballot.

I was just reading the facts in California on STDs (sexually transmitted diseases.) California does NOT have legal brothels. There were more than 300,000 cases of STDs reported in 2017. Yet Nye and other counties don’t have this problem. Just the anti-brothel counties in Nevada have this STD problem – yet it is never publicized.

Again, congratulations people of Nye.

Henry Hurlbut

Reader suggests letter writer watch mainstream news

Mr. Hunter wrote, “I do not watch TV news,” and then went on to question details from mainstream TV news, puzzling some of us to ask Mr. Hunter, how can you know so much about what TV news reports when you claim you never watch mainstream media? At best, Mr. Hunter is getting his information about TV news from a secondary source. Perhaps most disturbing is that he made assumptions which were intellectually unsound.

For example, he asked, “Why … so little mention made about … the taming of North Korea?” For Mr. Hunter, a former military man, to be suggesting that we should not be highly concerned about North Korea’s nuclear threat is shocking to say the least. Our own intelligence service has reported that North Korea is further developing its nuclear capability since the Trump/Kim summit. Trump was duped by Kim. He further stated, “The … Russian dossier … was proven a fake.” That is news I have not heard. To the best of my knowledge, none of the Russian dossier has been proven to be false. I know there were some questions as to the legality on how it was obtained, but nothing false that I know about. If Mr. Hunter has facts, dates, names, places, and prime evidence on the dossier being a fake, I would like to see it, but please don’t give me blowhard from Fox news. Moreover, Mr. Hunter tried to whitewash the attacks against the FBI, CIA, and our rule of law.

He claimed those attacks were against only the leaders. Then why did Hannity on Fox news refer to the FBI as “storm troopers” and “gestapo troops?” Again, why did Hannity call the Mueller investigation a “witch hunt,” an investigation headed by a gentleman and a Republican with a distinguished and celebrated military career? Another shocking question by Mr. Hunter, “Why does mainstream media feel it so important for Russia to be our nation’s top enemy?” Mr. Hunter, do you even know who Putin is? The leader of Russia, who has murdered who knows how many people. He has invaded the Ukraine, illegally taken Crimea, and broken numerous treaties that Russia has made, and according to you, we shouldn’t be concerned about the threat he poses to the West.

When writing, we can only write in three broad categories, facts, opinions, and false narrative. I never write something which I believe is false, and for Mr. Hunter to suggest there is a “sliver in (my) veracity”, is over the top, and I don’t claim “political neutrality.” Finally, let me suggest to Mr. Hunter that he would be much better informed if he watched mainstream media.

Jim Ferrell

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