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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 18

Son, Ross Artese, still missing

After reading the Wednesday P.V. Times (September 16 issue), regarding the missing person, Ross Artese, as Ross’ mom, I feel that some clarification is needed concerning some of the information that was reported.

My husband and I reported Ross missing on Sunday, the 6th. That same day, within two hours, my son’s car was spotted, abandoned. It was at that time that the reporting sheriff notified the Search and Rescue Unit. My son has still not been found and he DID NOT pick his vehicle up at the sheriff’s impound lot, my other son and I picked up the car.

The newspaper article reported that Ross, himself, picked up the car while the search and rescue effort was still in effect, which alluded to the fact that time and money was being wasted in the search effort. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Once we were notified that the search was suspended, even though Ross was and still is missing, I gave the detective a monetary donation to the Nye County Search and Rescue Unit for all their time and effort.

Along with my son, who is still missing, we are also looking for his dog, Lulu, who is a female 4-year-old Siberian Husky.

If you have any information, please call the Sheriff’s Office.

Sharon Otellio,

Mother of Ross Artese


Don Quixote is alive and well in Pahrump, Nevada!

You may not believe it, but I just met him during the September 15th Nye County Commissioners’ meeting.

Ye! I am a novice when it comes to governmental procedures. Yet, as one of the many concerned citizens and voting constituents, it is hard to keep up with the latest guidelines when information is not widespread enough for busy residents.

For the numerous grass roots political dreamers and volunteer participants who are unnamed but who worked valiantly to gather the over 500 signatures to oppose a zoning change that would allow for a marijuana grow house in our backyard, you should be applauded for your convictions and desire for the lifestyle you set for your community. We have all heard of how the county’s past decisions on spending and solutions to town issues have not satisfied everyone. Then, there are those of us, Ginny H. for one, who worked hard to let the Nye County Commissioners know what is in the better interest of our neighbors living in the Artesia and Cottonwoods developments.

There are those who don’t believe that Pahrump’s future should rely on the development of so-called medical marijuana in residential areas. We also have issues with the power and influence of pharmaceutical and cosmetic monopolies who make false promises for a longer but less natural way to live our lives.

Our petitioners throughout various sections of Pahrump Valley were insulted to learn about more permits being issued for marijuana grow houses. But the county commissioners cited that the issue was hashed out eight months prior to our petitioners’ actions. They stated that the popular vote favored their decision to grant the business and special user permits. Who were these voters who influenced the decision made by this county commission? The director of the commission stated that they were only following the law and that the past decision set conditions and guidelines for future grow houses.

The four-to-one decision on September 15th will allow the latest grow house to reside on Hafen Ranch Road. It showed the commissioners’ willingness to assist money interests such as the seller of the foreclosed property, Bank of America, to reclaim some of their investment. All the while, the decision showed the commissioners’ reluctance to sustain a better quality of life for the families who live around that grow house. They turned away from the concerns to the environmental change or the appetite for addiction when presentations were made.

I applaud Commissioner Butch Borasky for his dissenting vote. It showed that even though you are fighting Pahrump’s “windmills” the dream for decent living for our families and Pahrump’s future can be represented at least by a vote of one! Thank you, Butch Borasky!

Jane Moy

Artesia – Pahrump, Nevada

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