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To the Editor, July 31

Commissioner clarifies fairground statements

While Mr. Dolan says he expected better from Cathy Girard, I didn’t expect better of him and so I was not surprised by his rant last week.

With so many facts wrong, where to start:

The county raised your taxes.

Every year there is this statutory increase called ‘abatement’ as well as ‘reassessment’ etc.; this hits everyone, the Board of County Commissioners did not increase your taxes as noted in Mr. Dolan’s article.

The net taken in from the fireworks in just three weeks was $80,000. This could have been found out easy enough by contacting county commissioners.

Yes, Commissioners Schinhofen and Borasky did get donations to their campaigns from fireworks companies. Did they personally gain from approving the fireworks safety site?

I don’t think so. But as mentioned, the town now has a revenue source for the fairgrounds.

Mr. Schinhofen has never called the fairgrounds a bad idea, but he did not support the hundreds of thousands spent on a study. Instead he has worked to actually use the property.

The county did drill a well for the fairgrounds to help out the town knowing there was an issue with grant money. Still, they did get a parking lot built and the fencing up that was authorized July 2012 (before Spring Mountain racetrack was thinking about a utility that was voted on by the BoCC in January/April 2014) and they do deserve credit for that.

he county is working on paving the road and making fuller use of the property too.

Frank Carbone

Nye County Commissioner

PDOP thanks Moose Lodge for fundraiser

To The Pahrump Moose Lodge #808 and Women of the Moose Chapter #1141;

You guys have always been supporters of the Pahrump Disability Outreach Program (PDOP) however you have gone above and beyond. On Sunday July 19th you held a donation dinner fundraiser with a blind raffle that raised almost $1500 for PDOP.

This donation will allow every child in PDOP to attend the carnival and rodeo this year at harvest festival, something that many of the children might not be able to do otherwise.

PDOP would like to thank Pahrump Moose Lodge #808 and Women of the Moose Chapter #1141 for their amazing support and for their donation.

PDOP would like to send a special thank you to Bobby Snyder who attended the donation dinner and made a very large contribution to PDOP.

Thank you so much.

David Boruchowitz, President

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