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VIEWPOINT: County should use block grant program for community animal shelter

Tails End urges citizens and groups to attend a public meeting for the Community Development Block Grant Program.

On Nov.17 at 10 a.m. at the County Building at 2100 E. Walt Williams Drive, we all have this one opportunity to make our comments known as to what the $2 million grant should be needed for. The hearing is to provide information about the CDBG state program.

We believe that a community animal shelter, complete with the programs needed to succeed, falls under this category.

It is imperative that Pahrump should be home to such a facility that will greatly improve the health and welfare of the people and pets in Nye County. Such a facility can be self-sustaining and reach zero euthanasia of adoptable animals in the first year of use.

In order to do this several components are needed.

We recommend:

Separate buildings for incoming animals; welcome information center; separate building just for strays; separate building for cats; play area for all pets; spay/neuter building (which we already have); an indoor training building; a separate private area that can be expanded for large cruelty cases, up to 70 animals.

A professional animal welfare director and/or professional animal shelter manager is needed for success.

If this miracle could happen I would be glad to serve in a volunteer position on the steering committee to see this through.

Please bring your friends and family and let your voice be heard.

Susan Cronin is the director of Tails End, the animal welfare group and former operator of the Nye County Animal Shelter.

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