Letter to the sports editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

A letter in response to Wednesday’s sports column: We live in a sports void … seriously.

Hello Vern,

I read your commentary in today’s paper on the “sports void” here in Nevada. I agree wholeheartedly. I won’t subscribe to Sunday Ticket (DirecTV) either.

Nor indeed can I, as we no longer have ANY satellite or cable TV anyway because we’re tired of paying for crap.

There was more worth watching when it was free! The local Vegas stations air only one or two Raiders games a year and one of them is aired only because it is an “international” game played in Mexico.

I am worried that nothing will change when the Raiders finally move to Vegas.

My daughter (the girl’s mom) live in Olympia, Washington and they get to see ALL of the Seahawks games.

Have you heard anything about whether we’ll be able to see the Raiders games when they move?

Evan Thompson

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