Medical marijuana establishment in Pahrump secures 4-month extension

A medical marijuana establishment in Pahrump received a four-month extension for its special use permit.

Sandra Tiffany, who wants to open a medical marijuana facility, GWGA, asked Nye County commissioners for a one-time extension that will allow it to become an operational cultivation facility. Its current permit expires May 5. Tiffany, a former Nevada state senator, said the facility will not be operational by that date.

“Last year, in 2016, I hired a management company, and I also hired a contractor that were under contract in May,” Tiffany said in public comments to the county commission. “Both have failed. I did fire the management company and have taken the project back over myself.”

The proposed establishment would be at 1340 W. Highway 372 in Pahrump.

In the documents, Tiffany told commissioners that the land use requirements have been met and tenant improvement permit was issued in August 2016 to demo the interior and start the buildout. The facility is about 65 percent complete. The building department has completed an initial heating, ventilation and air conditioning inspection.

“The contractors are working on a daily basis, and progress is being made,” she said.

The establishment has obtained a provisional approval for cultivation from the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health.

Additionally, plumbing, electrical water systems, racks and interior/exterior security systems will be installed within the next couple of weeks, Tiffany said.

“There’s still a tremendous amount of work and details to be accomplished before a certificate of occupancy can be issued. Plus, the state inspection needs to be scheduled and completed in the same time frame as the county,” she said.

“GWGA ownership intends to create a successful Nye County medical marijuana business and is working diligently to move the project forward. However, I’m not 100 percent confident the buildout and state inspections will occur before the May deadline,” Tiffany said.

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