Divas on a Dime: punch bowl party beverages save time and money

Break out the punch bowl!

We’re going old school. You don’t need a big variety of beverages for your next party and you certainly don’t need to get stuck playing bartender. Making a big batch of punch or a signature cocktail is a great way to limit cost and save you time for all your holiday parties.

For Halloween here’s a classic recipe that’s been around forever. It’s inexpensive, easy to make and always a big hit. The color is pleasingly greenish gray, and it’s bubbly and foamy. It’s kid-friendly, but adults can adulterate it with a pour of vodka or white rum. Be sure to clearly label if your punch contains alcohol.

Witches Brew Punch

Yield 25 (eight-ounce) servings

What You’ll Need:

48 oz. pineapple juice (reconstituted frozen is great)

1 (1.5 quart) carton lime sherbet

2 (two-liter) bottles ginger ale – chilled

Blue food coloring – optional

Here’s How:

Mix the pineapple juice according to directions on the can. Using an ice cream scoop, form sherbet into balls, plop them into your serving vessel and keep cold. If you’re preparing this in advance keep frozen until party time. At serving time pour the pineapple juice over the sherbet. Add the chilled soda slowly. It’ll foam up spectacularly so be prepared. Look at the color.

Personally, I like it a little greener. Since it’s quite yellow, add blue food coloring until the color makes you smile. Practice your evil laugh so you’re ready when it’s time to serve. Start with “Muahahahaha” and throw in the occasional “I’m melting … melting!!!” for good measure.

Since Halloween is one of the most theatrical holidays of the year, get creative with the presentation.

Use a proper punch bowl, a cauldron, or a hollowed-out pumpkin. Garnish with gummy worms and other spooky candies.

Make Spooky Cubes! Get candies like gummy worms, candy corn, or candy eyeballs. Fill your ice tray one-third way up with soda or Kool-Aid and freeze. Add candy, then fill to the top and finish freezing. Eventually, your guests will find fun treats in their drink. You can make larger spooky cubes for use in punch bowls by freezing the water in large plastic cups or ring molds. Do the same layering idea by freezing them partly filled then adding some candy, repeat until filled.

Another fun thing is to make a frozen hand-shaped ice cube to float in the punch bowl. Place a latex glove on your hand, wash your hands with soap and rinse well. Peel the gloves off so the washed side is on the inside.

Fill the glove with liquid, rubber band the end closed and freeze. Use grape juice or black cherry Kool-Aid to look like a bloody hand. Make several if you want to have hands floating in your punch throughout the evening. When frozen, rinse briefly in water and cut the glove off to avoid breaking fingers off.

Everyone at Divas On A Dime wishes you and yours a safe and spooktacular Halloween.

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