Crime Corner, July 1

Woman lands in jail after hitting deputies

Katherine Alexander was arrested on June 26 and faces preliminary charges of two counts of battery on protected person, resist public officer, obstruction, trespassing and destruction of property after deputies with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a report of a disturbance at a business on East Highway 372.

When deputies arrived they reportedly saw the suspect, identified as Alexander, in the parking lot arguing with the victim. When deputies attempted to make contact with Alexander they noted in the arrest report that her behavior was erratic. Alexander claimed there were drugs in the store and that the business was selling speed pipes.

When deputies asked Alexander to step to the rear of the patrol vehicle, she reportedly took off on foot and as deputies were capturing her, she was able to reach her left arm around her body and struck the deputy in the face causing his glasses to break and leave scratches on his face as well as scratches on the deputy’s arm.

When deputies spoke to the victim, he reportedly said that Alexander came into his business for an unknown reason and began yelling and she allegedly threw a bag of candy at him.

While at the jail, Alexander was also charged with battery on a peace officer after she reportedly scratched a detention deputy in the face while he was attempting to transfer her from one cell to another. She also kicked a deputy during booking.

Alexander was arrested and transported to the Nye County Detention Center, booked on the above charges and held on $11,280 bond.

However, in an email the jail stated that “Per the judge, she has no bail now.”

Man jailed for assault

Eric Wilson was jailed on June 26 and faces preliminary charges of assault with a deadly weapon, under the influence of a controlled substance, two counts of possession of a controlled substance, false imprisonment with use of a deadly weapon, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting after deputies responded to a report of an assault in the area of Corbin and Jasmine Streets.

When deputies made contact with the victim she reportedly stated that her boyfriend, identified as Wilson, held her against her will with a knife. The victim explained she had been staying with Wilson and they had both been doing methamphetamine.

The victim said that in the early morning hours she and Wilson were in an altercation and he allegedly held a knife against her abdomen and threatened to slice her throat. The victim said that Wilson also forced her to write a letter accusing other people of raping her and he allegedly slapped her in the face several times.

The victim reportedly told deputies she was finally able to escape because Wilson had taken one of her Xanax and fallen asleep. As deputies spoke with the victim they noted she had no shoes on as well as observing bruising on her arms where she had shot methamphetamine.

The victim told deputies that the altercation took place inside Wilson’s vehicle and she gave deputies a description of the vehicle as well as the knife he allegedly used.

Deputies made contact with Wilson at his residence on Michael Drive. When deputies spoke with Wilson he reportedly denied any altercation.

As deputies spoke with Wilson they observed a pill bottle inside his vehicle with no label and a glass pipe with scorch marks on it.

Wilson was arrested and transported to the jail, booked on the above charges and held on $26,280 bond.

After deputies were granted a search warrant for Wilson’s vehicle they located the knife that the victim described as well as a number of other items related to illegal controlled substances, marijuana and suspected methamphetamine.

Man jailed for burglary, trespass

Joseph Fenton was arrested on June 18 and faces preliminary charges of trespass, assault and burglary after deputies were dispatched to a report of a disturbance at a residence on South Linda Street.

When deputies made contact with the victim, he reportedly stated that a man, subsequently identified as Fenton and three other people, possibly teenagers, had come onto his property and inside his garage. When the victim saw the four in his garage they allegedly came out of the garage and began throwing rocks at the victim, a friend and a baby.

Deputies subsequently learned that Fenton and the other three unknown had allegedly taken a red gasoline can and gained access to the victim’s foot locker in the back of the garage.

Fenton had been previously trespassed off the property on April 20.

Fenton was arrested and transported to the jail, booked on the above charges and held on $6,280 bond.

Compiled from Nye County Sheriff ’s arrest reports and written by reporter Michelle Hermann. Contact her at

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