Cybersecurity top concern for Nevada officials

A Nevada homeland security panel declared Friday that cybersecurity is priority No. 1.

The Nevada Commission of Homeland Security, which includes two-dozen members including Gov. Brian Sandoval and Las Vegas Police Sheriff Joe Lombardo, created a list of top-five priorities for the state during its meeting in Southern Nevada.

Cybersecurity topped that list, with Sandoval, Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison and Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson all marking it as their utmost priority for the state.

The move directs the commission to actively search for federal grants to bolster funding to help Nevada strengthen its cybersecurity defenses.

Because so much of the world is hooked into technology, from power grids to databases full of personal information, addressing cybersecurity concerns is something Nevada can’t skimp on, Sandoval told the Las Vegas Review-Journal after the meeting.

Sandoval pointed to the data leak from the state’s medical marijuana portal in December as a key reason for the need to address those concerns.

“Technology is evolving,” Sandoval said. “We have to make sure that not only do we stay with it, but that we stay ahead of it.”

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