First drone business arrives in Pahrump

Ronald Boskovich has always had a passion for flying, and when drones became available for mass consumption, he jumped at the opportunity.

For Boskovich, drones solved the issue of accessibility of flying without much of the cost or time restraints.

“I’ve always been interested in flying and flight, but never was able to do it for any sort of career, because it’s just an expensive hobby, and when the drone thing first came about, I always thought they were too expensive, but as the price came down, it became much easier to do that,” he said.

Boskovich, who works as a realtor and general contractor in Pahrump, started flying a drone for fun, and later was approached by several people who asked him to do it commercially.

“It started as a hobby, and then I was approached by somebody that works at one of the utility companies here in Pahrump, who asked me to do some work for them,” he said.

Boskovich operates his drone under U.S. Drone Services, at, a first drone company in Pahrump, that offers various drone shooting services.

Boskovich said he mostly gets requests from construction companies, Realtors and appraisers in Las Vegas.

Recently, Boskovich did a stand-alone class at his house in Pahrump. He said that he isn’t yet sure whether he is going to continue teaching.

“I’d love to do more artistic stuff, more film production and stuff like that. I think it would be cool,” he said.

Recently, an influx of unlicensed drone pilots has become an issue for the drone industry, Boskovich said. A licensed drone pilot, he hopes to set an example for other aspiring drone pilots and teach them that flying a drone requires a license.

“I really hope they regulate them better,” he said.

He compares the situation with the construction industry, where unlicensed contractors often drive down the rates for the licensed contractors.

“It’s a big, big issue, and especially in construction, it’s not easy to become licensed and to stay licensed, and the ones that are doing it illegally, they are just undercutting the prices for the ones that are doing it legally,” he said.

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