IN PROFILE: Craig Smith

BUSINESS: Owner El Vaquero, formerly Heath’s Laff Factory

AGE: 65

BACKGROUND: “I worked for PacifiCorp for 27 years and when I retired from there, I went into shoeing horses full time. I love to work and I’m blessed to have an opportunity to have this restaurant.”

FIRST JOB: “I hauled hay for my family as soon as I was old enough to drive the truck.”

YEARS IN BUSINESS: “I have lived in Pahrump for seven years and shoeing horses since I’ve lived here. When the opportunity to buy this restaurant presented itself, it seemed like a good alternative to shoeing horses for the rest of my life. I love horses and have donated time to the local horse rescues. I’m also involved with the Boy Scouts and have been for 41 years. I’ve been both an assistant scoutmaster and a scoutmaster since I’ve been here. At Christmas, the Boy Scouts held a food drive and donated the food to the Salvation Army.”

PERSONAL: “I started riding motorcycles about five years ago. I’ve worked my way up to a 1600 cc and I’ve used it to participate in some of the charity bike runs.”

BUSINESS CLIMATE: “I think Pahrump is a good place for business because of the diversity of people who live here. The town board needs to have an open mind when it comes to supporting the need for local businesses. There are a lot of hoops to jump through when you’re opening a business here, but people are very helpful.”

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