Man found guilty in Nye County case

Barry Dentler of Pahrump was convicted by a county jury of assault with a deadly weapon, a category B felony, and battery upon a peace officer, a gross misdemeanor, Nye County District Attorney Chris Arabia has announced this month.

A news release provided case details:

On April 22, 2015, Dentler’s neighbor, Glenn Harris, called the sheriff’s office and reported that Dentler had pointed a gun at him.

After Harris had pulled into Dentler’s driveway to ask about a missing animal, Dentler leveled a shotgun at him and racked a round.

“Fearing for his life, Mr. Harris backed out of the driveway and up the street while Dentler continued pointing the gun at him. Dentler later charged at responding Deputy Mark Murphy and struck him in the hand,” the release stated.

Arabia said in a statement: “We are a Second Amendment county and we have an obligation to exercise our rights responsibly. My office is committed to strengthening our right to bear arms, openly or with a concealed firearm permit, by prosecuting those who would unlawfully use a weapon for harm.”

Deputy District Attorneys Patrick Ferguson and Ronni Boskovich presented the state’s case in the two-day jury trial before Judge Robert Lane of the Fifth Judicial District Court.

Sentencing has been set for April 29.

The maximum sentences Dentler faces are six years in prison and a $5,000 fine for assault with a deadly weapon, and 364 days in jail and a $2,000 fine for battery upon a peace officer.

Additionally, as a convicted felon, Dentler will no longer be permitted to own or possess firearms.

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