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Nye County cracking down in illegally placed signs

Little orange notices have been popping up on signs all around the valley, letting their owners know that the signs in question are illegally placed and must be taken down.

Those who refuse to comply with county code and remove the offending signs are subject to misdemeanor citations and charges for all activity related to the abatement of the unauthorized signs. Nye County Code Enforcement has been busy in recent weeks reviewing all signs to ensure they meet with the regulations laid down by county code and taking action to remove those that have not been addressed following proper noticing.

“Nye County Code Compliance has started to remove unpermitted signs illegally placed in the county and state right-of-ways or on BLM land,” a news release issued by Nye County on Thursday, Jan. 11 read. “Code enforcement removed approximately 75 signs from various intersections around Pahrump on Friday, January 5, 2018, and will return to the streets periodically to remove additional illegal signage.”

According to the release, signage in Nye County and Pahrump is regulated by two separate county codes. County code 12.04 pertains to signs placed near highways and county rights of way throughout all of Nye County while code 17.04.770 details the regulations for sign permits and code enforcement specifically for Pahrump.

Under code 12.04, the county has the authority to remove any and all obstructions from the county right of way after properly noticing the owners of the code violation. The owners of such will be made to pay the costs incurred by the county for removal if the issue is not handled within a maximum of 15 days of notice.

As the standard county-wide, code 12.04 states that signs are only allowed to be erected adjacent to highways if they are located off the county right of way. The county code goes even further, dictating that signs cannot be located closer than three feet of the county right of way and that the bottom of the sign be at least 12 feet higher than the level of the walking surface.

The county right of way is defined as, “the 6-foot area or strip of land adjacent to and bordering on the highway right of way and parallel thereto.”

Code 17.04.770 is specific to the Pahrump Regional Planning District and states that no signs may be placed within the existing or future planned right of way of any highway, road or public easement. Signs are prohibited from being placed in drainage or stream channels or in any location that would obstruct the view of or be confused with any directional, warning, danger signal or informational sign. The code is highly detailed and lays down an array of restrictions and requirements for signs placed in Pahrump.

“Small portable advertising signs that sometimes pop up along our roadways are dangerous because they can block sight lines for oncoming traffic and are unattractive,” the news release explained of the recent crackdown.

“It is illegal under Nye County code and state law to place signs in the right of way of roads. These signs pose a safety problem for drivers and pedestrians. Signs distract motorists, create blind spots, and present hazards for maintenance crews. In addition to the safety issue, the signs detract from the appearance of our roadways making the county and our neighborhoods look tasteless.”

Those who have had their signs removed by county code enforcement have one month to claim their property. Removed signs will be stored in a storage bin at the Nye County Landfill in Pahrump for 30 days, after which they will be discarded. Sign owners and businesses with any questions should call Nye County Code Compliance at 775-751-4249.

Contact reporter Robin Hebrock at rhebrock@pvtimes.com. On Twitter: @pvtimes

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