Several Nevada agencies join forces to target speeders

Several Nevada law enforcement agencies have joined forces to target speeders.

The 20-day enforcement period began Wednesday and lasts until Jan. 22 as part of the multi-jurisdictional Joining Forces program through the Nevada Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety. The program is geared toward improving safety through statewide traffic enforcement.

“Don’t expect a break if you get stopped for speeding,” Highway Patrol spokesman Jason Buratczuk said in a statement.

The Nevada Highway Patrol is among those participating in the enforcement campaign.

Additional troopers will be on freeways in the valley to look out for hazardous driving, according to Andrew Bennett, spokesman for the Office of Traffic Safety.

Bennett said the program is funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That money gets funneled through Nevada’s public safety office, which distributes it across 26 agencies, he said.

The office runs about 15 campaigns a year, Bennett said, with each one focusing on an element of traffic safety, such as impairment, seat belts, speed, distracted driving and pedestrian safety.

“The idea is with additional resources focusing on one problem, you create a larger footprint,” Bennett said.

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