Survivalist featured on reality TV series partners on Pahrump retail shop

Updated December 1, 2018 - 1:37 pm

Two Southern Nevada veterans, one that’s been featured on a reality TV series, are opening up a new label in the Pahrump area that is geared toward helping people increase their skills in preparedness and related activities and learn the secrets of a lifelong survivalist.

Mitchell Langon, a veteran of the U.S. Navy who has dedicated much of his life to being an all around survivalist, has partnered with Pahrump Army veteran Edward Ledesma to open a new label that will be known as Desert Nomad Tactical and Survival.

The store, scheduled to open just before Christmas at 1190 E. Highway 372, Ste. 11, will carry an array of items, along with provide services, for those looking to increase their skill set or just learn from the masters.

“It’s not just a survival and tactical dynamic,” Langon said. “This is a survival, tactical and adventure travel and adventure boutique. If you’re an Indiana Jones type, you like watching those type of action movies, you’re going to come meet the real Indiana Jones people.”

The company’s leaders also host a weekly radio show named “After the Crash” on KPFV-FM 98.1 that airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting at 2 p.m.

Langon has been featured on the survival reality TV show “Men, Women, Wild” with his girlfriend Jhoanna Trias in 2015. Trias was also featured earlier this year on the History Channel’s second season of “Forged in Fire: Knife or Death.”

Langon has also traveled the world extensively and has been referred to as an “expert survivalist,” Trias said in an email. Langon has also “been involved in and consulted, instructed, and outfitted for groups and individuals of the United States Military, military tactical and law enforcement organizations” and many others, including Hollywood productions and television productions, according to Trias.

The new retail space will have clothing and other gear for those in the survivalist lifestyle, along with featuring an assortment of knives and swords and related items.

In addition, the store will eventually be chock full of books and other items for those looking to better prepare for natural disasters and other disruptive events, including on such topics as canning and homesteading.

The store will also feature other services.

“We do teach survival instruction,” Langon said. “We have another partner in the tactical industry and we partnered with him, and we teach survival instruction, tactical instruction, firearms, out in Ash Meadows.”

Langon an Ledesma are readying the space for area veterans that want to shop, learn or just socialize. The duo initially forged a friendship some six months ago, meeting through some other friends that are also veterans. The partners bonded together after discovering they had similar interests.

“We had the same interests, and the interests we had is we see things that are old, but they’re still useful and you can continue on with the lifespan on anything related to gear,” Ledesma said. “When he saw what I had, he goes hey, we have something in common.”

Several historical artifacts related to the armed services will be housed at the shop, much of which will be for sale.

Langon previously owned a similar retail store in Las Vegas.

“I closed the old store in Clark County because I got into entertainment, I got into Hollywood, survival TV: knife, marshal arts, all kinds of ridiculous entertainment stuff,” he said. “So I closed the business because I was never there, so we came out here because I was kind of like trying to figure it out to see if it’s a good spot and here we are six months later.”

Veterans were also part of the overall plan for the new space.

“I said instead of opening up a clubhouse for the boys, why don’t we open a business for the boys…,” Langon said. “We’re vets. all of our friends our vets.”

The local veteran community is interested in seeing the new space open.

Ledesma explained that “we have a lot of veterans that are interested, and they want to express their past, what they’re going through in their daily lives. A veteran can vet-out with another veteran. They can do that here. If they want to sit here and watch TV all day, they can watch TV all day.”

Nonmilitary people are also welcome to come to stop by and learn more about being prepared or to shop at the store.

“We like to train women, children, men, veterans,” Langon said. “We do it all because we’re accepting. We’re the community center. That’s what this is.”

For more information, search Desert Nomad Tactical and Survival on Facebook or email the store owners at or DesertNomadTactical@gmail

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