Trip to Kingman offers view of multiple attractions

Editor’s note: This story column is part of Gary Bennett’s series of stories on travel, called “Inside 5.” He is using Pahrump as the middle on a map, drawing a circle around the town and extending out no more than a five-hour drive.

Let’s go south this time. Located in a valley, surrounded by hills, Kingman, Arizona started out as a railroad town and then turned into a mining town when gold and silver were discovered there in the mid-1800s.

The town is named after Lewis Kingman, who was a surveyor that helped pave the way for the railroad along the Atlantic and Pacific right of way between Needles, California and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Kingman is only about a two-hour-and-thirty-minute drive from here. They are almost done with highway improvements on Highway 93 south of the Hoover Dam and it is a very easy drive. It is very scenic near the dam with some nice river views. Once you have arrived in Kingman you will see that the town is growing with lots of new shopping and a fairly new hospital.

I frequent the town as my mom moved there a couple of years ago and she loves it.

On my last visit, I took advantage of one of the two golf courses and had a wonderful time. I played Cerbat Cliffs and the golf course staff were very nice and the course was in great shape.

While I was there I wanted to explore the old part of town. Beale Street is part of the old “Route 66” district and has many shops and businesses to see. Also, the old courthouse and the county superior courthouse is there with a lot of old buildings. They have an airport which is big enough to land and take off large planes but for right now they are not using it for that.

They have a couple of annual events, including a large car show in May that attracts a lot of folks and some very cool cars.

Kingman is about the same elevation as we are and so it is hot. But if you go southeast of town for about 30 short minutes, you can find a mountain area called Hualapai Mountain resort. About 7,000 feet up, the resort is very comfortable temperature-wise.

I will be back because there is a lot to do and … it is “Inside 5”… Oh yeah, and mom lives there!

Gary Bennett is a freelance writer living in Pahrump.

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