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Let Me Help: advice from a streetwise woman in Pahrump

I need a friend. I am always depressed. People that care want to help me, but I say I am fine.

Sometimes I don’t go out for days. Yes, I am on medication, but when you go out it costs money for gas etc.

I have gone to the library and shopped. I feel people just stare at me and judge me. My family and a few friends do call to check on me. I would rather have them stop by to see me. They say they are too busy!

And it’s the same story from all of them. The only conversations are the weather, or what they plan on cooking. I want to tell them what I really think but fear arguments. Maybe I am not depressed, I am just bored. I try hobbies, but that only lasts so long.

Can I have your opinion? Do you understand how a senior just sits and sees the world go by?

Well remember, this is my opinion. Being bored can really put your mind into many thoughts, blaming others and not thinking it’s your life. Let’s pick up the pieces and do something now and not tomorrow!

Volunteers are needed all over — animal shelters, reading to children, a lot of churches are needing help too. Let’s get the world to put down their iPhones and take the children outside.

You can be there with them and join in some games. Maybe their relatives are busy or have passed. Grandmas are needed to even bake cookies with the children. I can give you some tips. But I am not a doctor of any kind. I am a friend who can give you a few suggestions, if that’s what you want you can do it or just sit there! Start with making a to-do list for every day.

At the end of the day you will feel you succeeded. OK, so you’re not able to do much!

Sit at the table and start going through all those pictures you have in that box. Who is going to enjoy them?

Start by throwing away all the scenic sites you visited that don’t have people in them. Truthfully, no one cares — fact is fact. And do it slowly, then in a month do it again.

Then in the mornings, start out with washing up, put on fresh clothes, then the lipstick. I don’t care if anyone sees you except a neighbor. Sit outside and wave at the kids or the people going by. They might wave back one day, then they might stop! There are friendly people in our town!

Mainly, I am saying live for yourself, let people know you care!

With that note, the main thing is the color of your lipstick — they do have some that last all day! And you will look like you love life and are beautiful inside and out. But this is my opinion.

I am a man who takes care of all my tools and am very proud when I open the tool cabinet and they look clean. Some look new and some were from my grandpa. So can you help me to get my tools back from family and friends that give them back in terrible condition?

One day I went over to my neighbors and the tools I lent him were by his car on the ground. They looked like they had been there for days. I asked him about them, and he said he wasn’t done with them yet.

Can you help?

My opinion is this: take it or leave it! It’s a modern world — percent of people have smartphones. So if you trust someone or not, take a picture of the tools they borrow. I don’t care if it is a screwdriver. They will get the hint and you have proof of its condition when you lent it. Or just say no, but that won’t work because you have a big heart (it shows in your tools)!

Good luck! It’s just my opinion. Thank you for writing in.

Ann Marie Kristen Noha is a resident of Nye County. Contact her with your questions at anmano3@outlook.com, or mail questions to Pahrump Valley Times, c/o Ann Marie; 1570 E. Highway 372; Pahrump, NV 89048

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