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2020 ELECTION: Nevada Democrats head to Saturday caucus

Updated February 22, 2020 - 6:03 pm

The 2020 Nevada Democratic caucus got underway on Saturday across the state.

Voters have been diverse in who they’re voting for in Pahrump.

On caucus day, Saturday, Pahrump voter Teri Rogers said she is out to caucus for Joe Biden, remarking “For me, I think Biden has already paid his dues. He’s served this country for 8 years, I like what he did when he was in office so his previous experience is a draw for me.”

Her husband Don, who is also out to caucus for Biden, added, “I think basically, he’s an honest man, at least as much as a politician can be.”

“This election is so vital,” area voter and precinct captain Susan Robie, who is supporting Pete Buttigieg, told the Pahrump Valley Times. “I first saw Pete speak last April and I had this moment. Back when I was a teenager I heard Bobby Kennedy speak and he just touched my soul, I loved him so much. Same thing when I saw Pete speak… He’s so thoughtful, and intelligent and he’s had the executive training that we need but he also knows how to deal with small town infrastructure.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I—Vt., took an early lead in the Nevada caucus on Saturday, according to a report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

For the first time, Nevada has four days of caucus early voting, from Feb. 15-18, in some parts of the state. Pahrump and other areas had caucus early voting on Feb. 15 and Feb. 18.

“NV Dems made history as the first and only caucus state to include in-person early voting this election cycle to accommodate those unable to attend on Caucus Day this Saturday,” a news release from the Nevada Democratic Party stated. “From Feb. 15 through Feb. 18, Democratic voters were able to participate at any location within their county at more than 80 locations across the state…”

The Pahrump Valley Times also caught up with Nye residents during caucus early voting.

One person standing in line to vote on the last day of caucus early voting was Lucille Piper, a 25-year resident of Pahrump.

“I would like to take a little bit of every one of the Democratic candidates and find one person that has it all, but that’s not going to happen,” she said. “I like the women candidates, because I would like to see a woman president for a change. I like Amy Klobuchar, but I also like Joe Biden, because I’ve been with him for many years and I know all about him. I have watched him over the years and he might be my second choice. As far as the billionaires on the Democratic ticket, I don’t like Michael Bloomberg, but I do like Tom Steyer.”

Though Piper expressed her dislike for the current commander-in-chief, she believes President Trump may have the wherewithal to win a second term.

“I think we need to get as many Democrats in the Senate as we can because I have a feeling he’s going to get re-elected and I really fear it,” she said. “I have a feeling that somehow he’s going to get it again and if we don’t get a Democratic Senate to go along with the Democratic House, he’s going to give us a lot more trouble for the next four years.”

That same conclusion was reached by Pahrump resident Fred Slaughter, who was also standing in line waiting to take advantage of early voting.

“I like Tom Steyer because he seems like a very intelligent, caring person and I think he would do the job very well,” he said. “My second choice would be Bernie Sanders, and Amy Klobuchar would be my third choice. I really don’t think so much of Michael Bloomberg. I don’t dig those New Yorkers very well. As far as the current president, I think he is horrible. That’s blunt enough isn’t it?”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The information from early voting is from the Pahrump Valley Times’ Feb. 21 story on early voting.

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