5-cent gas tax increase hits coffers in June

The proceeds from the new Nye County 5-cent gas tax increase will hit Nye County coffers in June, officials said.

At the Regional Transportation Commission meeting that took place last week, Nye County Department of Public Works Director Dave Fanning said the county always runs behind in collection of the fuel tax.

Fanning said the projected amount of revenue of the gas tax is close to $80,000.

Although the five-cent hike was approved by Nye County commissioners in October, the county didn’t start collecting that money until January.

“We know what we are doing but we won’t see those results until April, May or June. The money will go toward next year’s operating budget,” Fanning said.

Meanwhile, a group of Pahrump residents led by Andy Alberti filed a notice of intent for ballot questions with the Nye County Clerk’s office in an attempt to repeal the five-cent increase in January.

Fanning said officials were trying to see if dropping gas prices would impact the amount of proceeds from the gas tax.

“What we are trying to do right now is we are trying to see how this is going to affect us and this is playing with understanding if people are driving more since the gas prices are down,” he said. “And right now, from what I can see with the numbers, everybody is staying right equal with what they did when the gas prices were high.”

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