Andre Longmire

BUSINESS: Owner A.L.L. Shoes & Apparel

AGE: 43

BACKGROUND: “I was in the service and when I got out I became a chef. I’ve been a prep cook to a sous chef in Las Vegas for 25 years. I’ve also been in food and beverage management.

FIRST JOB: “I had a paper route in Flint, Mich., when I was 9 years old.”

YEARS IN BUSINESS: “I’ve been in Pahrump for nine years and in business here for six years. I support the community and donate to the high school athletics. We support at least two families for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I have provided clothing and other items to less fortunate families. Sniffany’s Thrift Store is right next door to my business and I help them out as well.”

PERSONAL: “I’m kind-hearted and love giving back, especially to kids. My family is most important to me. I went back to school here to show my kids you can be anything you want to. I’ve finished my associates in business and am almost finished with my bachelors. I married my high-school sweetheart. We’ve been together since I was 16.


“The best thing about having a business in Pahrump is the opportunity. There are very few businesses here which offer competition to each other. I support shopping local. If you support another business here it comes back to you ten-fold. Always be honest and be sure the customer is happy. It builds your referral business.

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