Burdzinski to seek appointment to Nevada Assembly if Hof wins

Just days before the 2018 general election comes to an end, voters are getting a glimmer of insight into who just might sit in the Nevada Assembly District 36 seat in the event that Republican nominee Dennis Hof comes away with a win.

Nye County Republican Central Committee Chairman Joe Burdzinski has stepped up, making a late-night announcement on Wednesday, Oct. 31 that he would actively seek the appointment if Hof does, in fact, obtain the highest amount of votes this election cycle. Election Day 2018 will be on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

At the beginning of 2018, Hof threw his hat in the ring for the District 36 post and was marching steadily toward the general, having won the primary in June to secure the Republican nomination. However, on Oct. 16 Hof passed away, leaving many to wonder what would happen after the results of the election were in.

The only remaining living candidate is Democrat Lesia Romanov, who did not face a primary race as she was the only Democrat to register for Assembly District 36.

Despite Hof’s passing, Romanov’s challenge in securing the office is no less difficult, as Hof’s name must remain on the ballot by law and Republicans across the state have been encouraging voters to get out and cast their ballots in Hof’s favor.

According to Nevada law, if Hof wins the election, the county commissions which make up the district will be required to appoint another Republican to fill Hof’s two-year term.

“I’ve been asked by Nevada State Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald, and a number of assemblymen statewide, party leaders and numerous voters here in Nye County, to consider seeking the appointment of Assembly in District 36, in the event that Dennis Hof gets elected. After careful personal consideration, including discussions with my supportive family, I will be actively pursuing the appointment for Assembly District 36,” Burdzinski explained in a statement.

He went on to detail his close connection with Hof and his intention to follow the issues Hof had championed throughout his campaign. “Dennis Hof created a tidal wave of optimism and enthusiasm among his voters for less government, lower taxes and saving our water. His untimely death is a shock to us all. I will miss my friend terribly, as will so many others. I would be honored to carry his vision forward,” Burdzinski wrote.

With 42 years of experience working with and in the Republican Party, Burdzinski said he felt he had the right ideals to represent the GOP and District 36 constituents at the state level.

Over the years, Burdzinski has attended three national conventions as a delegate, he informed, supporting President Ronald Reagan and most recently, President Donald Trump.

Burdzinski also holds two and a half years experience as the Nye County Republican Central Committee Chairman, having attained that position in April, 2016. “During my term as chairman I have had the opportunity to work with local, statewide and national elected Republicans and officials. This has given me a unique perspective on Nevada politics and an understanding of what is important to the voters,” Burdzinski stated. “I am a strong believer in conservative Republican principles.”

Less government, lower taxes and upholding the Constitution were three points Burdzinski honed in on. The fourth, water, is undoubtedly one subject Nye County voters in particular are concerned about, with Burdzinski remarking that he would be focused on “…protecting one of our most important resources: our water…”

“I plan to continue the fight that Dennis started to protect our water,” Burdzinski said.

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