Business profile: Floyd Young-Get Framed

Floyd Young

Get Framed-custom art framing

401 S. Frontage Road #4


Background: “I got out of school with a degree in management, not art. I learned pottery in the military. I was looking for something to do and that was in the Vietnam War. When I got out of the Air Force, I decided to teach pottery. I do framing but I also teach pottery and we have a mini pottery gallery/art gallery here. That is where I got started in art some decades ago. I taught pottery for nine years at the community college level in Las Vegas. I am now partners in this frame shop with Liz Provenza-Neth and we also have a mini-art gallery here with some of my pottery.”

Personal: “I pot (pottery). I do high fire porcelain.

First job: “I flipped burgers in 1966.”

Business Climate: “I like Pahrump better than Las Vegas. At our store we also have a mini-art gallery where we show off some art, including some pottery I did. I think we are 20-40 percent cheaper compared to Las Vegas. And that is comparing our place to places like Hobby Lobby.”

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