Business profile: Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller

The Phone Zone

1141 Highway 160 Suite 7


Years in business: 3.5 years

Background: “We started doing business in Las Vegas and then we came out here because there was a demand. There was terrible phone service out here. We sell Selectel Wireless service, which is a prepaid wireless service through Verizon and since all the towers are Verizon out here, it works really well. We also repair cell phones out here and we do almost all the brands and can get them back to you quicker than most and cheaper than most. We can even do special requests like same-day service but not with same-day prices.”

Personal: “I enjoy watching football with my family and I enjoy eating at the Pahrump French Bakery.”

First job: “I was a Red Cross worker and volunteer at a hospital for my very first job.”

Business Climate: “We do well out here because we put our customers first. We are so much more than repairs and service. We take the time to help our customers learn how to use their phones. I have even taught them how to use their DirecTV service. We take the time to put our customers first. We are also a one-stop shop for all your phone needs. We sell most of the big brands at affordable prices, and we have financing available.”

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